Brittany Ann / Press

“So profound, yet pure and simple, are the resounding truths in Brittany Ann’s lyrics that they remain suspended in midair, leaving the listener feeling warmly enlightened, long after she sings the album’s final word.”

“She is a passionate woman, singing a set of songs of longing, but there is not a false note anywhere.”

"The perfect combination of acoustic soul and ethereal melodies"

Amy Stetts and Dustin Schoof, The Express Times

“I was floored, along with every other person in the room. Her voice was delicate at places, fiery at others and altogether captivating as she guided the audience through her purest emotions and words.”

"Your record is gorgeous and your voice is a gift to this world. Thank you!"

Nathan Bliss, Barnaby Bright

"This young lady is the future of folk music"

Gene Shay, WXPN and the Philadelphia Folksong Society

"Your album is absolutely delicious. I love your voice, Brittany! it is so unfettered and pure."

Raina Rose