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“Silver Cobweb and hookin up have really connected with me, beautiful pieces of music. I read all of your bio too. What a gifted person you are. Keep doing what you were born to do. A true Artist. I wish you joy and health and peace. Love from Rose”

"Love Wins" every time !!! have a great weekend my frriend ,.....>........ Billy T

“original groove here Briocon...nice production and arrangement”

“Excellent melodic sensibilities. Well performed.”

“loving "marry me" maestro!! big ups to you and the Sussex gang... you da man, Bernie!! your huge fan, humble student, and good bud, da boi d”

“Always in Love, heart touching lyrics, vocal, acoustic is too beautiful Bernie. Congratulations on another uplifting work. Please keep them coming! Many blessings, many thanks * Patricia”

“Very Beautiful Tracks. Very Interesting Vocals. Lovin' the whole experience. All my best. Also, thanks for your support.”

“Collusion The Name Of The Monkey, Brighton Community Singing Hearts Glories Real Time, The Centre, HEART 2 HEART and Sugar Candy Girl, great just great enjoyed!!!!! Peace.”

“Never Unsubscribe is a clever song, very psychedelic piece of art, you write interesting songs and lyrics and you can express yourself very well with your guitar, very skillful playing. Twilight Bay is very beautiful and touching song, great performance. Happy upcoming weekend!”

“'White Flame' giving me a Brian Eno moment. Wonderful sounds and harmonics. You have a very unusual approach to music, just like all the best and most interesting people. I love visiting your page. Happy days >>>>>>> Phil :)”

“Very cool music. I appreciate your dedication to Van Gogh (Misunderstood Soul). You are a genuine talent! -Six P.S. I love your work with Belinda as well!”

“I am grateful for your ears and your time. I’d be interested in following your other links as well!”

“Thanks Bernie for your sincere support and interest. Finding great pleasure in your songs and detecting certain influences. She Moves is a favourite, reminds me of 'No Face No name No Number ' by Traffic from dear Mr fantasy, which is no bad thing, ( do you Know this song?) you've got a real sincere vibe going on here. I'm enjoying discovering your many songs, Feeling a Brian Eno influence also, Your music is a sincere joy! Peace and happy days, Phil”

“Thank you Bernie. That was the greatest encouragement I have ever received. I am grateful for your words of kindness, and I will be careful to keep my mind on heaven and the mark of glory. Thank you once again Bernie.”

“Hi - spotted you on the Maloa page.... popped in for a listen,& I'm glad I did - your guitar playing has fire,spirit & vision... cheers, T”

“Bernie you are a incredibly kind and supportive individual that truly takes the time to listen support/ share with so many yet always rendering your songs to others for inspiration and tribute to help others who are going through so much! Your work and heartfelt spirit are a testimony to this am grateful for your words and for taking the time to listen to mine/ music and leave me your wonderful message thank you again your musical friend , Lisa :):)”

“Hey Brio, first of all thanks so much for your wonderful support to my charity. Digging your pop electric sounds on 1437”

“always follow your dreams,never give up. Luv from BENITA”

“I had to listen to another one..I LOVE YOU..your guitar playing is fantastic with very beautiful sounds..I see that you are a multi-talented artist.. Listening to Heart ...cool stuff!!! The song is really good..you have exceptionally good voice and ability to sing..and the using of effects is amazing good..excellent art!!!”

“we really enjoy your unique style and sound! Keep up the awesome music.”

“Beautiful heartfelt, emotive song..."I Love You" (Mahal kita) dedicated to the Philippines!”

“sweet tribute to Vincent..wow.. i will have to post some of my paintings..i just recently came back on this place, so?? you are very unique, totally different..love the guitar man..i just sway back & forth on this tune man.. Wow, thank you Bernie & MAHAL KITA!! i spent an up down time in Manila, Tondo, Smokey Mountain..hung at mother Teresa's mission..my heart still bleeds for that place and your song captured instrumentally all of the journey..particularly Tondo.i hear this crying in yur song..beautifully sad is the best way to express.. soldier on my friend.. i will listen to all your tunes here..”

“I am extending back to you all the love and appreciation from my soul.Hugs and kisses, -O.C. Lapland’s Diamond.”

“May 2014 prove to be a fulfilling and extraordinarily satisfying year for you and that trend continue through 2015. blessed be sure to keep on keeping on with these succulently bendy sounds. Love on you Janie xx±”

“I Love You Philippines is a beautiful composition of passionate ambiance and chilling instrumentals. And I love your message at the end. What an amazing heart and talent you have, Brio'con!”

“Can't stay away from your page. 1437 still helps me make it through my days. Thanks for the inspiration to keep fighting. Much love for you darling... <3 Sasha”

“I think you music is very beautiful, I felt the presence of a natural high. i hope that you always continue your musical endeavors with this original sound.”

“Beautiful healing music! Very much enjoyed visiting your page! Thanks so much for the wonderful, sweet comment on my page and the support! I really appreciate it! Peace and love, Aya”

“Great sounds on 1437 Excellent Great screaming guitar sounds too. Really enjoyed my listen :)”

“Back to enjoy your music Awesome as always xx”

“I'm in to start my week off with your awesome music!!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

“You R a wonderful Person ! ... ! Like your Pics .. ! Thank you so much for inviting me !! GuNDi”

“Pure Brilliance!! I love ALL your compositions!!!..A great job on 1437 with an absolutely brilliant guitar solo!..'Heart' is such a moving beautiful song with amazing vocals and a melody that stays in my mind..you are a beacon in the night my friend as I move through and listen to all your songs. All my respect. Best to you. Hose.”

“I think the melody of “The British Isles” fits very well Brides on wedding day, the day when women get married they are very emotional and it feels like they are under the troubled sky. I am sure many of them will listen with eyes full of tears and the stunning bride with the pretty white dress under the blue sky will feel so touched by listening to Bernie spreading his melancholic voice all over the place with this melody. Good memories will remain forever.”

Athina Kaila - Reverbnation

"She moves" is a very lovely song for little babies, they would easily sleep with your silky voice, they would dream of other sorts of love like mother love and food :D. Also people in the area of love would appreciate this melody, true love or in or out of love, this song is admirable. Love all of your songs and your bright heart my musical Friend Bernie .Will comment later on your other songs. Love from me

Athina Kaila - Reverbnation

“You are a very talented young man,, Don't ever let your dream die,, You have a lot to offer,”

“beautifully sparkling and catchy pop tracks here..the subtle blending of guitar and electro vibes reminded me of early OMD, but the songs are so sharp and imaginative that it was easy to get captivated and want to listen deeper”

“Great composition and sound to your music! You are a true talent with a kind heart. Keep making wonderful music.”

“Your music here is excellent, very unique and I love the way you create your music and the instrumentation you employ to get just the RIGHT vibe. Great , imaginative sounds, a real pleasure to hear. BTW, it is also my pleasure to support your *Stop Abuse* campaign.”

“Just did not expect such beautiful music that is obviously composed from the heart, it touches the soul of the listener! God Bless you! Absolutely stunning! Awesome work, you are such a gifted & talented artist! Loving all your truly outstanding tracks!”

“I really like Sparkle Wind. It has emotional depth and it seems to demand the listener respect it. Rock on!!”

“I LOVE YOU FOREVER!! Great job on 1437!! Very well done and the solo is great too. Your very special and very talented.”

“Pure Brilliance!! I love ALL your compositions!!!..A great job on 1437 with an absolutely brilliant guitar solo!..'Heart' is such a moving beautiful song with amazing vocals and a melody that stays in my mind..you are a beacon in the night my friend as I move through and listen to all your songs. All my respect. Best to you. Hose.”

“Oh, honey, you just brought tears to my eyes! It is so nice to know that I am touching people! Being a victim is never easy, but it does get easier to survive, and I just want people to know they are not alone! I am glad you enjoy the music; that is a high compliment indeed, when for so long I've been mocked and ridiculed for everything I've ever done. You and people like you are the ones giving me the courage to not give up. Thank you so much! Much love to you!”

“John Lennon and Paul McCartney all rolled up into one, along with your individual flavor....you're an incredible artist.....”

“I love your style of melody in your music. Keep on reaching for the stars and most of all don't let go of God's hand. Take car and God Bless You!!”

“Sparkle Wind may have easily just become my favorite new track! The sounds are so soothing! Great sounds for a sad day; very uplifting! Keep up the great work! Best wishes and lots of love <3 ~ Sasha”


“Hello, listening to your tracks tonight, "We are alive", love the build up to this one, "arms of angels" this one has such a soothing, peacefulness to it, perfect for the song title!”

“Wow..what great creativity and music.. I enjoyed your page. keep making Sound and Music. Peace and Much Success”

“very awesome styles! love the range! here to show our support!”

“PAINTED MAN loves your WORK”

“Awesome writing!!! Keep making your great music teachers”

“You write a fantastic song Brio'con and have an unpredictable style that is original and fascinatingly superb,excellent guitar work love in 1437,and Pay Her More Attention is terrific,I love all that you are creating it is uniquely you,have a great weekend Darrick,a pleasure being a fan, Peace and World Love, Johnny”

“Good morning Bernie and I came over to get my dance on with your "Dedicated To Brazil" track and watched your "Glow Worm" video, too. Amazing video work and guitar. I love the neon glow..so cool and yes, my two kittens enjoyed it, too :-). You're awesome and I love it here. Thanks for continuing your "Stop Abuse" campaign...wonderful!”

“Hi Brio'con,,Someone left 3 little kittens on the step here in front of Bonnie's Cafe,, They were shivering from the cold so I brought them in and gave then some warm milk,, i think they are so cute that i want to keep them,, But i need help naming them,,So while I'm making coffee and a homestyle Country Breakfast for you and playing your awesome music.. Please try and think of some good names for our newest family members,, Love, and hugs,,, BFF,,, Bonnie”

“Bernie, when I wrote Nowhere To Turn..I must have cried a thousand times. Everytime I played it I cried. I have friends that cll me up and tell me they are driving in their car and they have to force themselves not to cry..LOL..we don't need any accidents. It's a great song and thanks for loving life..Yes, if I can grab you and turn you inside out. That's growth!! .Imagine that Bernie..Now you've brought a tear to my eyes. Bless YOU for seeing, hearing and growing. ...=_=...”

“Music is therapy! Writing it is like keeping a journal. "Pay Her More Attention" is great! Good advice to guys!”

“Thank you for your lovely comment Brio.. I loved reading your bio too, what true beautiful words about music and it shows so much in the depth and soul of your own writing. In the Arms of Angels is just beautiful! Have a blessed and lovely week & know that you are creating some true magic in this world:) Love X”

“Thanks you for all you're doing to address and end this horrible cycle Belinda. It seems that abuse, hatred and violence are spreading faster with every day....domestic, child abuse, bullying, war etc. I just know that you and people like you can make a difference...we all have to stick together. I listened to "Raising Awareness"..it's both hopeful and chilling and I hope it spreads world wide and gets the attention it deserves. A copy of this should be sent to every political head and every agency, everyplace. Wonderfully said and done. You are loved!”