Brigid Mhairi / Press

"The Gathering" is a strong debut. I must especially applaud Brigid's wise and courageous decision to include so many songs on this album that won't necessarily be familiar to her listeners, along with a few standard favorites. In doing so, she has created an album that feels fresh and deeply personal, yet wholly accessible. Like any young singer releasing a debut album, Brigid has room to grow as an artist, but there's as much pleasure as there is promise on display in "The Gathering." Buy it now, and someday you'll get to brag that you were a Brigid Mhairi fan even before she had her big break.

“Brigid Mhairi is back on the competition path and has sealed herself a place in the regional finals of Open Mic UK.”

“'Alright' was the result of Brigid's first foray into songwriting and it more than cut the mustard for a first effort with Herschel Boone describing it as a song that would send her "soaring to the top."”

“She’ll be no stranger to people in Berwickshire who have probably heard her sing on many occasions, and now Brigid Mhairi has the perfect opportunity to imprint her name on Edinburgh’s music scene after landing a part in a major show in the capital.”