Brickwall Jackson / Press

"There was something prosaic about this band’s debut, 2012’s “Just Life,” but its follow-up has an air of poetry to it. More so, it’s rocking from “House Of Freaks” which is a key to open their worn-as-logo heart – and the hearts of their listeners, too – on to the title track’s gracious finale. "

"Richmond is in dire need of Americana and country music that matters and actually turns ears. With Brickwall Jackson, this is happening. The quintet delivers the songs that embody our lives. Work, family, play, love, stress and life itself is all foreshadowed through the deep arrangements of Hudak's songwriting and through Brickwall Jackson's marvelous accord." -- -

"Here is a group to watch closely because the compositions are truly original and effective. A beautiful album."

"In life, this rock-tinged Virginia country-pop duo tells us, "There is no right or wrong way." True, but as they celebrate the good stuff (four-wheel drive, spunky self-assurance) and make sense of the bad (miscarriages, heartbreak, sick children), it's hard to argue with their methods."

“Brickwall Jackson is that delicious blend of a lyrical, beating, honest heart and musicians that can deliver it anchored by Hudak's taut and gritty guitar work. ”

“With a combination of skillful songwriting, solid musicianship, and hardcore on-stage energy, Brickwall Jackson fits the bill as a seriously jamming band and are not to be missed.”

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