“The album title (Yesterday Revisited) reveals it. The front man Magnus Andersson was seeking inspiration, and found it in the 60´s and 70´s. Singer and guitarist M. Andersson wrote eleven tracks and Hammond player M. Nörrenberg did not only worked as band member this time, he also produced the album. Stones and Faces flashes through our heads and from that automatically to The Black Crowes. The horns and the keys works well with the pleasingly guitars and Anderssons flexible modulations create an amazing southern soul atmosphere, straight from the 60´s. The song Kick Steel with its heavy guitar riffs put you straight too the 70´s. Magnus Anderssons vocals leads this album too perfection.”

Cis Van Looy - Keys and Chords

“Sweden rocks yet again. This actually came out in 2006 in limited form but was available last year in wider release. Let’s just say it took ten seconds of the title track to absolutely floor me. Magnus Andersson’s voice and guitar simply bleed mid-period Stones, and if “Walk Of Shame” isn’t “Jiving Sister Fanny” reincarnate, I’ll buy you the next two rounds. With a rocking band reminiscent of The Faces (if sober and more blues-oriented) I am stunned that this album is not more widely known. Time trip to 70′s rock, yes, but with a fresh perspective. ”

Dr Bristal - Dr Bristal

“Unaffected solid blues is the foundation with is surrounded by Hammond and soulful vocals, and all this result in a authentic American blues sound. On top of this “macho music” however, there is catchy pop melodies, characteristic for Scandinavian music! ”

CD-journal Japan

“Hearing Magnus Anderssons awesome blues voice, accompanied by a single guitar, gives me the shivers. If youre planning a road trip this summer, whatever you do, dont forget to bring Walk of Shame. With Brickhouse on the car stereo I guarantee that the Swedish summer landscape will appear more beautiful than ever. ”

Carolina Nilsson - Musiklandet

“Call it an overstatement, but Brickhouse could very well be the perfect summary of Rolling Stones complete career, including the stuff they havent done yet. Here you find if only in small breaks most of the time the whole period from the early 60s up until this day, and still it never feels elaborate. I can imagine that hearing this band live would rock most of your body parts off. ”

Magnus Sjöberg - Groove

“The distinct guitars, the organ and the back ground vocals in between make us sure that we feel the passion and yearning from the 70´s southern rock! ”

Masahito Funabiki - Strange Days Japan

“The members of Brickhouse are bearers of a hard-wearing tradition that will never ever feel out of place. Not as long as there are suppliers like Brickhouse. ”

Björn Bostrand - Länstidningen Östersund

“Orthodox American rock from Sweden! Melodies with pop quality that will work well in Japan. ”

Bass Magazine Japan

“It was a versatile and experienced group of Malmoe musicians who built this temple for worshippers of the classic labels from the 60s and 70s. Magnus Andersson song writer, singer and guitar player put together a bunch of like-minded friends with a true feeling for the rock, blues and soul from Atlantic and Stax. Still their music feels very contemporary. These guys know how to swim without drowning in the sea of tradition.”

Göran Holmquist - Helsingborgs Dagblad

“Brickhouse perfectly manage to reproduce both the powerful rock sound and the unaffected, typical southern rock idiom. Pontus Snibb´s flexible and unconstrained way of playing the drums is to the point and very cool, and the sound of his snare drum is superb.”

Ken Kitano - Rythm/Drum Magazine Japan

“It's not difficult to hear that Brickhouse has been raised in the American tradition, somewhere in the neighbourhood of boogie, hard rock, soul and country. This is a mix so out of date that it becomes timeless. The album glows with analogue warmth and with small pieces of Hammond organ and guitars with just the right amount of muscle power the playing becomes genuine and mature. Particular with the female background vocals. You can also hear great quality in the writing of the songs. The heavy Soul Sister and the hard rocking You really get stuck in your head. ”

Lars Thulin - Ystad/Trelleborgs Allehanda

“What a thrill it is to listen to Magnus Andersson, a singer as brilliant as he is intense, with a band that suits him so well and a catalogue of songs that constantly keep you on your toes. You can compare him to Chris Robinson, Steve Marriott and Paul Rodgers, but Magnus is a unique voice. Hes not a bag lady who picks up what others left behind, and hes good not only for being Swedish.”

Sydsvenskan - Håkan Engström

“You will be impressed by this authentic rock, delivered by musicians that share the passion, not the surroundings, of American southern rock. You will also share this passion, not only because of the soulful voice and the laid back stile of the band, but also because of the back ground vocals, the slide guitar and the Hammond organ. Impressive! It never turns out to be ironic ore sarcastic, and from the bottom of my heart I salute this Swedish Black Crowe’s.”

Tomoo Yamaguchi - CD-journal Japan

“Not many bands master the art of playing genuinely raw rock & roll and root blues. The Swedish band Brickhouse, with lead singer Magnus Andersson, is one of the chosen few. Their album Walk of Shame has a downright heavy beat that makes you think of the great American groups from the early 70s. ”

Björn G Stenberg - Uppsala Nya Tidning

“I really love this album. It makes us feel “respect” for great rock, soul, blues, R&B from previous years. Melodies of all tracks are attractive. And Magnus’ vocal skill make them more comfortable. I think it satisfies ardent music fans who have listened to many kind of music in past.”

Takuya Watanabe - Grey Dog's Records(Japan)

“It takes about fifteen seconds, and I’m swaying to the music. From the speakers I hear high octane music, not ashamed by the roots from 60´s and 70´s rock and soul. Its howling organ, compact horns, stong tunes and on hell off a groove! The title “Yesterday Revisited” couldn’t be more appropriate. This is retro but at the same time so very vital!”

Ralph Bretzer - Skånskan

“Welcome to funky town Malmö! Stones and Faces have already been here I guess, and maybe Lowell George and Sam Cook as well. But In that case, it was a long time ago ant now it seems to be up to Magnus Andersson’s BRICKHOUSE to pick up what the others left behind. BRICKHOUSE is a rock band with a felling for different shades of blue. “Yesterday Revisited” is a really great sounding album, with a solid ground, rich on variations. You got caressing ballads, roaring rock n roll acts and deep soul trails.”

Ander Mårtensson - Allehanda

“It’s been five years since BRICKHOUSE “Walk Of Shame” album was released and the follw-up doesn’t change my opinion about BRICKHOUSE greatness as carrier of blues, soul and rock n roll in a tight and ethereal wrapping. Influences like Stones, Faces and the great soul men from 60´s and 70´s is a good thing, yet BRICKHOUSE got its own personal touch. Magnus Andersson isn’t a copy cat in his writing, just under the influence. It swings, rocks and caresses in the eleven tracks and the recycling is as elegant as it is necessary. Pelle jernryd, Magnus Nörrenberg, Micke Nilsson and Olof “Loffe” Jernryd are top class musicians and perfect fellow travelers on this trip.”

Björn Bodstrand - Popgeni

“BRICKHOUSE is back! This time singer and songwriter Magnus Andersson wanted to reach back for his original musical inspiration, and I can observe this inspiration as American rock and soul and it’s creating a delightful and genuine feeling. Smart formulated lyrics combined with Magnus Anderssons grating voice is successful in many ways!”

Louise Petersson - Smålandsposten

“BRICKHOUSE delivers rock with a component often taken for granted, however rare in the genre: SOUL! Magnus Andersson is a singer and song writer profoundly inspired by Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes, Paul Rodgers and Otis Redding. It wouldn’t surprise me if Magnus Andersson has been listening to Frakie Miller as well, nevertheless they chare the same roots: Southern soul, hard rock and classic Rhythm and Blues.”

Håkan Engström - Sydsvenskan