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“Brick by Brick take back where they left off. Their hardcore is well delivered. It's heavy and aggressive. We are not in the presence of virtuosos”


“The World, My Enemy is enriched by sincere tales of enmity and struggle. Mazolla’s lean and honed delivery of spiteful, harsh lyrics reflects what people singing along have to go home and face.”

“.........furious, savage metal/hardcore offering. Expect some heavy riffs, working class mentality, anti-trendy attitude, rage and loads of angst.”

“BxB is unrelenting......”

“Despite their aggressive sound and negative lyrics, the band is all about having fun and enjoying new experiences through music.”

"Burden Of Life" is a track off the band's new album This World, My Enemy dropping on November 13 via Eulogy Records . An album filled with beat-down ready beats and riffs, perfect for that 5PM commute traffic!

“Rock and Shock veterans Brick by Brick were the first ones up. These Albany, New York natives have their feet firmly on the ground even as they rise to the top of the Hardcore Metal scene. Added in time for last year’s event, new vocalist Ray Mazzola (Full Blown Chaos) was joined by Guitarist Mike Valente, Bassist Sean Green and Drummer James Muller to remind the crowd why they were invited back to the Palladium again this year. They hit the stage hard and fast, never letting up, prepping the crowd like a whirling dervish. Mazzola’s rock-grinding vocals are a perfect match to this breakneck band. Despite having only three fingers on one hand, Valente twisted off blistering frets, one after another, while Green pounded away at the bass, the entire band a blur of black t-shirts and bandanas. Christened at Rock and Shock were new songs “These Streets” and “Burden Of Life” from their upcoming album. Although the first three CDs and three EPs from Brick by Brick are currently ou”

“Pounding percussion, chunky riffs and demonic growls come together to attack listeners' eardrums on the new tune, which also serves as Mazzola's debut recording with the band. If you think you can handle the heavy-hitting sound, give "These Streets" a listen in the player below.”

“Like a punch in the gut, blue collar Hardcore Metal band Brick by Brick took the stage next. Vocalist Ray Mazzola worked the crowd up into a frothing pit, pulling back from time to time to let the three fingered guitarist Mike Valente twist and tear through scorching frets, bassist Sean Green hammer away at the ax, and drummer James Muller gallop across the kit like a man on fire. Songs included “Last Breath,” “Toe to Toe,” “What Comes Around,” “Battleground” and “No Regrets.” The boys will be heading into the studio in December to record their fourth album and will be featured in Hardcore Halloween this October 31, back in their hometown of Albany, NY.”

“In keeping with Troy, New York tradition, Brick By Brick recently carried the working class, upstate hardcore spirit into Montreal where they supported Biohazard on their recent Northeast tour. Guitarist Mike Valente, who doubles up as the heart and soul of Upstate Black & Blue bringing the best tours to Albany, is a veteran of the NYHC scene and both his experience and composure comes through onstage”

“These scene veterans led by Bogies Impressario Mike Valente (a 20 year veteran of the Albany/Troy hardcore scene). Capturing the brutal sound of the old NYC hardcore movement these road warriors never seem to slow down. Whether they are recently on tour with Biohazard through Canada, playing huge hardcore fest in NYC or manning the stages here locally Brick By Brick keeps the faith and crushing vibe alive.”

“Brick By Brick, the one-two punch of metal and hardcore hailing from Troy, NY, are primed to release their brand new music video.”

“Metal and hardcore have rose above and still remains underground, but fans still pile in to see the show when Brick By Brick hits the stage.”

“Best Hardcore Band 2012 in the Albany/Troy area!”

“Q: your favorite local and national bands in the scene today A:As I said there are a lot of brand new things happening in Albany that show great potential in bands like Hard Luck and Concrete. Brick by Brick isn’t slowing down a bit either which is extremely valuable to the vitality of the scene. Some of my favorite “national” bands right now are Bitter End, Dead End Path, Suburban Scum, and Downpresser.”

“If you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed equal parts Biohazard, with Pantera, Full Blown Chaos, Madball and Machine Head the end result would be pretty darn close to what Brick By Brick serve up here with "Severed Ties". Uptempo, thrashy pieces give way to street savvy, pavement pounding grooves and skull crushing breakdowns as evident in tracks like the album opener "Cant Be Broken", "Every Ounce Of Blood" and one of my top faves from this album "What Comes Around" which you can actually find a killer video for on youtube. "Liar" packs all the headbanging groove you'd find in Pantera's "Vulgar Display" album along with the intensity found on Vision Of Disorders debut album in one 3 minute track. "One More Fistfight" is a more traditional NYHC piece calling to mind classic Agnostic Front with it's punk fueled verses."The Ultimate Price"is my go to track on this awesome offering, with it's eerie into provided by none other than notorious hitman Richard"The Iceman" Kuklinsky.”

Jaymz Delosle - More Sugar and The Sound

“Freedom isn't Free.....”

“Thankfully, the 518 hardcore crew may feel just a little bit more at home thanks to Duster owner Mike Valente, who will be leading hometown hardcore heroes Brick by Brick into the fray. (June 2, 7 PM, $12, 1208 Route 146, Clifton Park)”

““I listen to the radio, and all I hear is that stupid Nickelback song about driving and getting a blow job,” Valente says. “You’re not gonna hear about that in our songs.” “Now, if you wanna hear about your girlfriend giving someone else a blow job. . . ” says Green.”

“YOUR MUSIC HAS AN APPEAL TO HARDCORE & METAL FANS. WHICH TYPE OF FANS DO YOU SEE GETTING MORE INTO YOUR MUSIC? We play for ourselves first & hopefully people latch onto it. There are a few people that I never thought who would listen, do. We are played constantly at the local strip club for a couple of the girls that love us, which I think is funny.”

“A whole bunch of cool shit!”

Ralph Renna - The Troy Record