Brian Smalley / Press

“Smalley truly “gets Florida” and is inspired to write about it in ways that are both moving and humorous. Blending a soulful, earthy voice with high-energy acoustical guitar, he spins tales that captivate listeners and take them on a journey. His songs reveal the depth and breadth of the Florida experience, ranging from his Civil War ballad (Chickens Pigs) to a contemporary meditation on the rusting boats along a Key West wharf (Iron Boats). Known for his lively performances, Smalley plays full out from the heart, leaving audiences enthralled.”

Florida State Parks

"Now you say, who is Brain Smalley? Simply stated he is one of the most talented Americana performers living in Florida today. Absolutely stunning guitarmanship and beautiful vocals. His energy is very contagious and his spirit lifts me like few other have ever done. Combine that with a writing style and content That ranges from hilarious to heart rending, he is a most complete performer package."

Paul J. Linser, President Gamble Rogers Folk Festival - Gamble Rogers Folk Festival

"High-energy acoustics describes Brian Smalley. No matter the genre, the audience treasured a marvelous concert. This singer/songwriter entertained with frantic energy that won over the packed house."

Dorothy Ammerman - The Pinnacle / Citrus County, FL

“Thanks for sharing your talent and heart with all of us at the Sandhill Stage tonight. I loved your music so much. You played full on, holding nothing back, and that really touched me. It was amazing to watch the music course through your whole being, as if you were channeling it. I feel that way a lot when I create, write, and photograph, but I am not sure I have ever seen anyone so completely in synch with their creativity like that before.”

Lynne Buchanan - http://www.lynnebuchanan.com/

"Belated review: Best $10 I ever spent. Love the whole (Key) novel!! thanks Brian"

Alice Schaefer - Ft. Myers House Concert Host

“I first saw Brian about 15 years ago at Barberville Folk Festival and I was impressed by his guitarmanship and performance. Every year I see him he keeps getting better and now his guitarmanship is up with the best. Brian has a very different style than most in his line of business which really make him stand out as one of the best in the Florida Folk community. Each of his CDs takes you through a Journey with his excellent song writing. Once you listen to it you want to play it again because of all the detail in it and you don’t want to miss anything. Brian just started playing one of my guitars a couple months ago, what a honor it is to be the Luthier of his workhorse guitar. Do yourself a favor, if you have a chance to go see Brian do it. Gary Hopkins Hopkins Guitars ghopkinsguitars.com”

Gary Hopkins - ghopkinsguitars.com

“Brian Smalley is the BOMB! High energy, heartfelt. Love and gratitude pour from this guy! Oh! He's quite the guitar player and lyricist! His music made our hearts sing and our feet tap. Brian recieved one of the rare standing ovations at Music4meAndU House concerts.”

Alice Schaefer - Concerts In Your Home

“Brian Smalley’s 2013 CD release “chickens pigs” is an instant folk classic that feels more like a novel or even an "opera" than most CD/Albums with a "theme." This is a remarkable recording and hands down, simply the best Florida folk CD/Album of 2013.”

The Florida Times Union

“I'm old enough to remember way back when people could really play guitar, when folk singers could pick a tune and just blow me away. Brian Smalley has that talent and more. Every song makes me want to hear another and he's got plenty: just listen! Man, somebody should sign this cat!”

Rich LaBonte - FlatRich

“With his latest record, Chickens Pigs, Smalley has embraced his love of history and old time music and delivered an original album that takes the listener through the fictional life of Confederate soldier Son Calaway. Meshing real events and facts from the Civil War with fictional characters Smalley has the listener questioning whether this is based on real life or did it come from his head. (I had to ask him this myself.)”

Atlanta Live Music Examiner

“Chickens Pigs is not your everyday run of the mill album, it is an interesting story written by Smalley then put to music. He has created a piece of work that draws the listener in and treats them to one man’s story about his life, good and bad, during one of the harshest times our country has ever seen. It does not praise nor condemn the Civil War just offers up one tale of what could have been any of the soldiers in the conflict. Chickens Pigs is not an everyday jam or something you will rock in your car, it is a nice change of pace to everyday music and a listen that makes you think. I suggest you give it a spin.”