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“Live Show Review in Sandwich Enterprise! ArtBarn Songwriter Series: Brian Sances and Hugh McGowan Read at http://www.briansances.com/press”

“Best-known as the front man for the Shotgun Bandits and Tripl3 Crown, Brian Sances of Sandwich recently released his first solo CD, “Here Today.” The cover shows him sitting on a rock at the end of a jetty, playing his guitar. Listening to the disc, it’s easy to picture him sitting out there on a warm day, surrounded by water, as he works out some new songs. His tunes have an appealing variety – sometimes folky, sometimes a reggae or ska vibe, sometimes a hip-hop beat. He keeps to a mellow groove – not a sleepy kind of mellow, but that relaxed kind of mellow that sweeps over you … when you’re sitting on a rock surrounded by the ocean. While the sound is laid back, Sances is relentlessly upbeat in his lyrics. The ballad “Still In Love” is as romantic a song as you could ever hope to hear. On other songs he.... (Read full review at http://www.billowrites.com/?p=172) ”

“BRIAN SANCES Here Today 14-song CD This recording evokes a laid back, beach music vibe: I picture sitting outside on a patio at a resort listening to Brian perform his easygoing music under a tent by the ocean. Now I’m not just saying this because he’s from Cape Cod but it does help this image, with his acoustic-y jazzy pop and reggae-flavored music. Brian’s debut solo is solo in nearly every way as he wrote, produced, and played every instrument but drums but it has the feel of an entire band and would work well stripped down acoustically. There are a few moments where I felt myself drifting but for the most part I found Here Today to be a pleasant, enjoyable CD. Best tracks: “Still In Love” (featuring some lovely guitar work), “Middle of The Road” (this and a few others have a Paul McCartney vibe to them), and “Can't You See” (nice melody). Nice job for a solo debut. ”