Brian Ruskin / Press

“I heard a Lyle Lovett/Clapton kind of inspiration when I listened to the first song on solo artist Brian Ruskin’s Reverb Nation page. Or maybe just a blues jazz influence in general. Some damn fine guitar picking as well. Then I listened to “Grocery Store”, and I heard a little more of something else. I think this guy might listen to some Keller Williams as well! Next comes the song “Way Too Late”. Yet another surprise and some influence I can’t quite pinpoint, but I like it. However, the sound is his own.”

“I have a tendancy to get distracted from time to time during a show whether it be from a cell phone or a friend coming up to bullshit with me. However, every time I turned my head away I found myself looking back up. Ruskin is his own thing. His fusion of rag time, blues, and jazz next to his song writing abilities took me on a ride. I was amazed at some of the songs he could even sing so effortlessly while running his fingers up and down the fretboard. It’s one thing to play fast, and its a whole other to do it with such creativity. He had fierce dyanmics, unusual chord progressions, and melodies that were so refreshing.”