Brianna Sotillo / Press

“Great open-mic night tonight at Eddie's Attic. Not a bad performer in the lot. Lots of nice surprises, too. Love the voice on 17 year old Brianna Sotillo. She's on the rise”

Matt Arnett, Emcee Eddie's Attic - Facebook Comments

“There is no substitute for talent and passion...both of which she carries in abundance with ease. Her early songs like "Runaway Love" ( her first) written at 15, show all the hall marks of fine singer-songwriters like Laura Nyro and Carole King...It's seems likely we will continue to hear more and more about about this young Lady as she stays true to the beauty and power of her gift within”

John Gould Jr, songwriter - Facebook Band Page

“absolutely gorgeous, elegant playing on both these tracks...your sweet, graceful vocal for "flowerchild" is packed with such emotion, it totally captivates and mesmerises...such a brilliant musician”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation Artist

“She hit it and knocked it out. Her range, from the really high notes all the way down to the low, the pacing from getting into it, then slowing in down and hitting it, she's got it goin' on!”

Fitz Johnson, Judge - Cobb Idol 2012

“If Frida Kahlo was here today and sang and played the guitar I think she would get inspiration from you, you have a rebellious freedom within your music and its very impressively expressionist”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverbnation Artist

“I think we have seen Cobb County's new and blossoming flowerchild, Joni Mitchell. That was absoloutely fantastic!”

Bert Reeves, Emcee - Cobb Idol 2012