Brian MacDonald / Press

"...Brian is an amazingly witty and brilliant wise ass...who just happens to make great music... I have never heard anyone sing Warren's songs with more feeling... damn, he's good..." George Gruel-Warren Zevon's manager, friend, and "aide-de-camp" during Warren's legendary days and prime years....

".....The ability to explore even the most personal feelings and have others relate..great country, pop and rock influences....." ..- Country Insider, Nashville

Country Insider, Nashville

".....A great Americana portrait of life on the road........" ..- ISA Radio, France...--------------

ISA Radio, France

".....A great album!!..full of powerful vocals and catchy lyrics that refuse to leave your head......." ..- XCEL FM, Cambridgeshire, England

XCEL-FM, Cambridgshire, England

".....Country music always dictates that it's the unique "Voice" that bumps things up a notch. Brian MacDonald has this potential groundbreaking kind of voice, and songs to match....." ..

Country E/W Radio, Texas

"...I am excited to be working with this terrific artist. His unique voice and songwriting abilities are delivered with a Roots/Americana blue-collar approach that carries through in his stage presence...." - Grammy/Oscar winner Rick Jarrard. (Jefferson Airplane, Harry Nillsson, Jose Feliciano, Michael McDonald)

Rick Jarrard - Friday Records

"...Can we make Brian MacDonald our state singer?... or at least make room for him on the flag?.... he is the epitome of what a professional musician should be...." - The Hartford Advocate.

Dan Barry - Hartford Advocate