Brian Lowe / Press

“You.... you have a gift my friend... You Rock!”

Frank Mastriona, Producer, guitarist, THE FOG - press release

“I have worked with Brian several times on different projects at HeadRoom Studios. He is always a joy to work with. On the guitar, he is phenominal, always gets the job done no matter what type of track needs to be done. I have worked with him doing rock, pop, country, R&B and he never disappoints. He is full of energy and his playing will usually bring out the best of everyones playing. If you ever get the chance to work with Brian, I would recommend you do!”

Frank Mastioanna, Producer - Recording Weekly, Denver

“I've played live and sessions with Brian...he is such a tasteful and intuitive player, that we take stuff...unreharsed and original material..in one take 99% of the time. We have found we can even record and never even see each other, but he listens and understands drums and drummer thinking and just music altogether..he is a brother, and I love playing with that crazy ku-ku cat!”

Gary LaDuke, session and live drummer - Press Release

"Broken" the single arranged and co-produced by Brian Lowe for the "Clint Moody Band" cd, who also did all the guitars, has hit 89 on the Texas Hot 100

unknown - Texas Charts

“THE EMG SAX is an amazing pickup...period....more headroom before distortion...and the EMG TELE series is a God send!"”

"When Brian grows up, he wants to be Steve Lukather...."

"When you think about guitarists in the country field, you have James Burton, Roy Nichols, Redd, Clint Strong...all the guys who played for my dad...and Brian Lowe is one of the best ever...and this kid can rip rock and jazz as well...the boy sometimes just ain't human!" Noel Haggard

Noel Haggard - Personal Quote to music industry pro's

“I have left Tempting Disaster. I wish them luck. i will be moving my recording and solo operation back to the East Coast...be looking for details soon!”

Brian lowe - Press release