Brian Gilliam / Press

"Hey Brian. Great sound you have, really enjoy! Would be nice to work with you someday. Best wishes! SB"

Stephen Brad - Reverbnation

"nice guitar work, Bro! enjoyed the listen!"

Paul Alvin - Reverbnation

"You've got an amazing sound!"

Laws of Average - Reverbnation

"love the chiken piken bro.you are obviously an accomplished guitar picker/player.much,much respect"

"Raised By Dingoes" - Reverbnation

"Mad skills Brian on your Lead Guitar Demo!. awesome!"

R. Pickett Bugg - Reverbnation

"You're one hell of a guitar player. Nice chops man."

The Minor Injuries - Reverbnation

"Brian, you shred! "

Emily Pakes - Reverbnation

"Diggin' your sound! Sweet music! "

Chaotic Resemblance - Reverbnation

"Those are some pretty hot licks! Very cool!!!!"

Woody Spencer - Reverbnation

"Good Stuff..keep kicking ass!! "

5 by 5 - Reverbnation

"You are freakin talented bro! Keep up the great work! "

Tyson Webber - Reverbnation

"Great guitar playing! Keep on writing!"

Chris Long - Reverbnation

"Hi Ya Brian, Nice guitar playing! "

Susan Stevens - Reverbnation

"Hey man AWESOME playing on that lead guitar demo! "

NiceGuysEddie - Reverbnation

"Hi, Love your sound bro"

Greg Hudson - Reverbnation

"Brian...all the best to you!!!!! Keep on rockin'!"

Jeff Allen - Reverbnation

"Hey LOVE your music! Glad I checked you out."

Halemerry - Reverbnation

"You're really rockin bro'.Keep rockin' "

Felix Linden - Reverbnation

"You really wail on Lead Guitar Demo Way to go!"

Sans Harbour - Reverbnation

"Smokin lead demo! "

Chase Robinson - Reverbnation

"You shred man! Great sound."

Johnny Nordstrum and The Retailers - Reverbnation


MYZAGA - Reverbnation

"Your music is so amazing"

Sharon Andersen - Reverbnation

"Great sound my friend looking foward to more"

JD Lewis - Reverbnation

"Nice playin man!"

Doc Holladay - Reverbnation

"Nice guitar licks on your demo!"

Mike McLaughlin - Reverbnation

"All around great guitar!!"

Dave McIsaac - Reverbnation

“SUPERB SONGS,Music and Performance. Outstanding 4 Songs. I LOVE "LEAD GUITAR DEMO". KEEP THE MUSIC "ROCKIN"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Robert Allen - Reverbnation

“I love your eclectic musical style of rock, pop, and country. You rock. ”

Robert Watson - Reverbnation

“Impressive Guitar Playing!”

AJ Baker - Reverbnation

“Fine guitar work on 'lead demo'”

Thadeus Project - Reverbnation