Brian Fitzy / Press

“Brian Fitzy is a wonder. He does both- playing a challenging instrument and also singing tunes that require vocal acrobatics. He also does remix tweaking and manning the gears in a recording studio. People react to his playing with amazement. It is a music that has that haunting quality to be pop yet groovy enough to make it accessible to fans of Hip Hop and Jazz. The free-spirited energy of his music is reflected in his stage persona.”

“B2P would like to introduce our readers to Philadelphian multi-instrumentalist, Brian Fitzy. A one-man-band specializing in acoustic/electric violin, guitar, saxophone, bass, drums, Fitzy produced and recorded this mixtape of remixes of Blackstar tracks in less than 36 hours. Absolutely no samples were used. ["Redefinition"] is a required listen!!”

“The Electric Factory hosted [State Radio] and...Philadelphia-based Dephonic. A memorable part of [the] performance was the song "Hey Eddy" featuring electric violinist Brian Fitzgerald.”

Emily Apisa - LaSalle Collegian

"The Duke Nukem Theme on Electric Violin Is F**king Incredible...Over the years, I have seen hundreds, no, thousands of covers of the Duke Nukem “grabbag” theme...nothing, and I mean nothing could prepare me for this. This is the work of one man. Brian Fitzgerald. Brian, you’re a king, baby."