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“Although I saw a few good tributes to Sinatra this year, nobody brought such fizzy joy to the centennial occasion as De Lorenzo. A consummate musician who makes you feel he's having the time of his life every moment he's on stage, which only adds to your enjoyment.”

“His voice seemed to get better and better, song after song and the viewers gave him long, loud rounds of applause after each rendition. His voice is clean and full-ranged. It was easy to see that Brian felt at home on stage and was professional in his every move. He is an Entertainer with a capital “E”.”

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“De Lorenzo’s strong masculine sound works beautifully on some of the songs closely associated with Sinatra. He came out belting “The Best ​I Yet to Come” then really swung with “Day In, Day Out,” taken from an arrangement Billy May wrote for Sinatra’s Come Dance with Me album. “Come Fly with Me” led into a number of musical stops​, including Paris for a hauntingly beautiful “Autumn Leaves,” and “I Love Paris​,” and Rome, where the sweetness in De Lorenzo’s voice was shown with “Three Coins in the Fountain.” The musical trip ended in Las Vegas with ​his facial expression​s showing the thrill of gambling for high stakes in “Luck Be a Lady” from Frank Loesser’s Guys and Dolls. The audience really got into his rousing performance of “Blues ​in the Night” and cheered at its conclusion. De Lorenzo was at his best remembering his mother’s favorite vocalist, John Gary, with an emotionally beautiful “My Foolish Heart.””

“There are many wonderful young female singers performing in today’s cabaret world. Excellent male voices are few and far between. Brian De Lorenzo is on the small list of today’s great masculine voices. His new show, Sinatra, Tony & Me, is a carefully thought-out program of songs associated with Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. De Lorenzo’s voice is both strong and pleasant. His facial expressions, body language and excellent eye contact had me believing that he truly believes the lyrics that he is singing. His demeanor is easy-going and the patter is amusing and self-deprecating. He opened by belting “The Best Is Yet to Come,” followed by an exquisitely performed “Stranger in Paradise.” I was pleased by the attention that was paid to the verse in each of his selections. He swung nicely with “Day In, Day Out.” The excitement of “Luck Be a Lady” was emphasized in the Frank Loesser Medley. De Lorenzo, indeed, had rhythm performing “I Got Rhythm.””

“What could be more romantic than an evening of listening to cds of Nat King Cole singing his signature tunes. How about a warm Italian tenor with a punched up Broadway sound, Brian De Lorenzo doing the Nat King Cole Songbook live with the jazzy Bill Duffy Trio at the fabulous Metropolitan Room? It was a deliciously overstuffed program -- I counted 20 songs, most done in full. All are familiar and wonderful -- Sweet Lorraine, Nature Boy, Ramblin' Rose, Mona Lisa, When I Fall in Love, etc. For a special treat Brian's friend Lynda D'Amour sang Unforgettable with him. Percussionist Steve Rose did a great drumroll on the line about 1000 drums in Day In, Day Out. Bill Duffy had a great piano riff in Sweet Lorraine and the bassist Thomson Kneeland shined in Answer Me, My Love. The Metropolitan Room is a great, intimate spot for this lovely, lovely music. Make sure you catch Boston-based artist Brian De Lorenzo the next time he performs in NYC.”

“Brian De Lorenzo’s smart show at Sculler’s Jazz Club offered an evening of songs made famous by the inimitable [Nat King] Cole. De Lorenzo put his own spin on the material... but what we soon discover is that the singers have meticulous phrasing and polished musicianship in common. The hip Bill Duffy Quartet meshed seamlessly with De Lorenzo’s relaxed style, and the singer generously gave the musicians opportunities to show their stuff. With his consummate delivery, he (and Duffy’s playful piano) found the humor in Rodgers and Hart’s “This Can’t Be Love,” and then made a novelty song like “I Found a Million Dollar Baby (in a Five and Ten Cent Store)" sound profoundly romantic. His warm, velvety low notes in “When I Fall in Love” morphed into a sweet midsection, then floated off into the skies in the upper range. De Lorenzo knows how to put across a song! [But] the piece de resistance was De Lorenzo’s sorrowful, heartbreaking “Answer Me, My Love.””

“There are good shows and there are great shows, but once in a blue moon you're at a cabaret and you know something extraordinary is going on. De Lorenzo is at the top of his game. When he delivers a gorgeous Mercer ballad like "When October Goes" you can almost hear a teardrop in De Lorenzo's phrasing. Even more remarkable, you can hear the sweetness emerging from the melancholy in his voice. Just when you think romantic ballads are his forte, he has you laughing out loud with John Forster's naughty travel song, "Entering Marion". He can capture the urgency and longing in a breathtaking Craig Carnelia song like "Flight". He has the rare ability to transform his tonality to the style of the song: He can find sweet high notes and soft low notes in a song like "My Foolish Heart" and then sound like a smooth, matinee idol in the joyous "I Got Rhythm." Bill Duffy supplied the eloquent accompaniment, including the delicate, ethereal music box setting for "Some Enchanted Evening." And it was.”

“Whether turning on the charm with a showy bit of flash or a sentimental ballad with his pure, high voice, [Brian De Lorenzo is] perfect casting. I knew his talent and affection for more recent theatrical material from a well done solo album, Found Treasures, so I'm not surprised.”

“Cabaret demands honesty of its performers, and Brian never strayed from this requirement. His vocals place him among the best currently appearing on the New York cabaret scene. And his comic timing was not lost on the enthusiastic audience... Brian's radiant charm won our hearts.”

Stu Hamstra - Cabaret Hotline Online

“Emotional honesty is a cabaret singer's stock in trade, and De Lorenzo has it. He makes every song sound like an account of his own experience and emotions, and he conveys each one with a directness that makes the experience the listener's as well.”

Jon Lehman - The Patriot Ledger

“When a singer has a voice like Brian De Lorenzo, musicians like to say, 'He is a songwriter's best friend.' He has one of those rare voices that make first-time listeners stop and say, 'Who is that?'”

Chet Williamson - Worcester Magazine

“Although the title of Brian De Lorenzo's Found Treasures refers to the songs it contains, the cabaret singer is one himself. Possessing a clear tenor which he uses with earnest emotional intensity, De Lorenzo sings with complete commitment.”

Max O. Preeo - Show Music