Brian Chris / Press

“Their music will not only make you rock, it will make you think as well. While belting out the title track of their debut album, “Fight for the Cause,” Brian routinely drapes himself in an American flag as he rumbles into the microphone.”

“Since 2004, Brian Chris has been wowing audiences with their heavy brand of rock, and powerful messages. The quality song writing and brilliant execution of ideas by both Brian and Chuck was a musical "marriage" that was made in heaven.”

Metal Haven - Instrumental Observer

“They have a great sound and style of their own that just draws you in. I was very impressed by their performance.”

Cheri Serletic - Full Throttle Magazine

“A very dynamic, courteous and didicated American Rock and Roll band has recently written and composed a CD recording dedicated to our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The name of the band is "Brian Chris" and the title of the new CD is "Fight for the Cause."”

Bethpage Tribune - Bethpage Tribune

“The powerful baritone voice behind lead singer Brian Chris exemplifies his expression of being able to generate and audience into exuberance.”