Brett Turner Music / Press

“Rarely do we find a solo artist like Turner who can fill the room like a full band would. Turner’s big voice, charismatic stage presence and mastery of equipment leave the audience knowing they’re witnessing something very rare and special. Our recommendation: Go see Brett Turner now, before you have to pay big bucks to get in. You can thank us later." ”

Marci Wiser, Radio Personality X96, Salt Lake City UT - .

"I appreciate Turner's writing in that it's not cliche; it's honest, gritty, and comical at times. He puts lyrics, especially in the sarcastic and true 'California', to a rhythm which compliments the story appealingly. He's R.E.M. vs Cake, as a one-man band."

Portia Early - Radio Host/DJ for UTAH FM

“Brett Turner - A one-man band that truly gives his audience a show. Entertaining with his ability to draw in the crowd while he creates his musical riffs and has excellent use of voice and style! Snowbasin's guests look forward to each performance.”

Mickell Smith - Snowbasin Events Coordinator

“Brett Turner …Oh, my Lord! Where did this guy learn to write, play and sing with the depth of a veteran. Magical grooves … and just try to find a cliché in his lyrical hooks… dare ya!”

d Scott Williams - Singer/Songwriter