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"Yes, Brett Mitchell is amazing. All Brett Mitchell needs is the right 3 minutes that gets the attention of someone that says holy crap." -Rick Barker, Taylor Swift's former manager, social media consultant to the American Idol contestants, author, mentor

Rick Barker - Music Industry Blueprint

"Brett Mitchell & the giant GHOST is a TIGHT BAND. Brett is really great with a crowd, PRO".

“Brett – Really like your songwriting and vocal style. Musically "Last Chance" has a strong melody and a memorable hook, supported by an interesting chord progression. "Born Too Late" was well crafted, with creative and catchy lyrics. Good dynamics, energy and fun. I dug the whole thing. Keep writing and following your musical bliss!”

Mike Pinder (The Moody Blues) - Songwars

“Mitchell champions a brand of power pop laden with melodic hooks, sing-along choruses, witty lyrics, and overall deft songcraft that can switch from delicate to surging rock. If you're a fan of the Beatles, Big Star, the Posies or fellow Michigan native Andy Reed — who produced Mitchell's last two albums — then Mitchell is up your alley. "The Holy Grail of all inspiration for me is the Beatles," Mitchell said. "Lennon and McCartney changed my life." Other influences include Ben Folds, Elvis Costello, Neil Young, Travis, the Walkmen and the Strokes. "My influences have always started at that Neil Young base, based off an acoustic guitar, some insightful lyrics, a melody; that's the core of my music." Born and raised in Midland and now residing in Alden near Traverse City, Mitchell released his debut album "{Stereo}" in 2005. This was followed by "Small House" in 2007 and "Falling Apart at the Seams" in 2011. In the studio, Mitchell largely records solo...”

“The supremely talented Brett Mitchell in the Local Spins Artist Spotlight...Mitchell has established himself as an in-demand musician, from Grand Rapids to Traverse City and beyond...He stopped by the studios of WYCE-FM (88.1) this week to chat about his music and perform a couple of songs on the air — the title track from “Falling Apart at the Seams” and a catchy new tune, “Almost But Not Quite (It’s the Story of My Life).” The singer balances solo acoustic guitar gigs with performances featuring his band, with Mitchell playing drums and singing at those shows. Mitchell moved to Alden last year, after long hankering to settle in the Traverse City area. He lives without a computer or cable television, and says the isolation of his home can spark ideas for a songwriter. “I just sit and things come,” he says, noting he’s “inspired by life itself.”

“He’s lyrically influenced by John Lennon, Jeff Tweedy, Ben Folds and Neil Young. Musically, you’ll hear hints of Jeff Lynne, Elvis Costello, Weezer and Wilco. He’s a drummer turned guitarist turned singer-songwriter, and the Midland, Mich native is also recently transplanted to Alden, just outside of Traverse City. He’s Brett Mitchell and he knows how to stitch together some standout music from a wide range of materials. “I usually tell people my music is folky, indie pop-rock—whatever that even means any more,” Mitchell laughed. “I have an eclectic taste in music, so I think that comes through in my songwriting. I don’t like to pump out the same formula, and I’m not a good storyteller, so my lyrics are more metaphorical and poetic, describing feelings more than telling a story.”

“The award-winning northern Michigan singer-songwriter has ridden the highs and lows of the business to build an avid fan base. For the past decade, Michigan singer-songwriter Brett Mitchell has weathered the ups and downs of life as a full-time touring musician, from the fan accolades, appreciative audiences and critical acclaim to less-than-attentive bar crowds and long hours spent on the road. He even had his guitar, clothes and other belongings stolen in NYC last year, forcing him to cobble together gear and eventually invest in new equipment, thus delaying studio work on a new studio album. But Mitchell, who now makes his home in Alden northeast of Traverse City, wouldn’t think of doing anything else. Music is his life and passion. “For every musician that works hard and puts all the money that they make scraping by back into their equipment, to have that happen is pretty devastating,” Mitchell says of his burgled gear. “But we bounced back, it’s water under the bridge.”

“The One-Man Magic and Multiple Talents of BRETT MITCHELL For singer/songwriter Brett Mitchell, success is a juggling act balanced by hard work, persistence, and passion. He is no stranger to being honored by fans at The Review Music Awards, having won numerous honors over the years beginning with the band Gutbucket, which he formed with guitar virtuoso Dave Kellan over a decade ago and cut his teeth with drumming professionally & touring by the age of 17. Now Mitchell has truly come into his own, having secured honors at the 2013 RMA's for Best Solo Artist and Best Male Rock Vocalist, as well as both a Popular and Critic's Choice Award for Best Songwriter. Mitchell has been described as 'the new millennium's version of Marshall Crenshaw only that description falls short to explain the multi-leveled approach towards instrumentation that Mitchell has mastered - he is a veritable one-man band with his solo work, drumming & playing guitar simultaneously while singing with all the tonal...”

“It's not hard to wonder where Mitchell's appeal comes from; his sound is an amalgamation of plenty of his favorite artists spanning a plethora of genres, with a particular focus on folk and alternative rock, with a dash of country thrown in. But despite the little hints of familiarity in his tunes, it's hard to pinpoint Mitchell's style to any one influence. He can go from the sweet, pop-rock sound of "Stay Home Tonight" to the more contemplative jazz-infused "Shake It Out" to harder, guitar-heavy tunes like "Dead-End Lover" with ease. There's no doubt Mitchell would put on a great live show, blending his softer songs with the more energetic ones.”