Brett Macias / Press

“Truly a composer for our generation, his music will make you stand up and take notice.”

“Brett Macias is an inspiration. Make Brett write a song for you. And then, make him sing it for you. You won’t be sorry.”

Terry Berliner, Director - Various

“An incredible blend of rock, art-pop and theater music, Brett Macias's music is like no other. It speaks to the new generation of music-theater fans who appreciate both the pop music roots and its theatrical flair.”

“Brett Macias is a hip young dude. His music comes from a playful jazzy place and pounces on you with surprise and energy. His stuff is theatrical and pop at the same time, and he is as fun to see as he is to listen to.”

“Macias has a unique musical voice--rock infused, with hints of funk, soul and jazz. Highly original, his storytelling through music pushes the musical theatre form forward. It was a thrill featuring him in concert at The York Theatre Company.”

“Brett is a huge talent with a fresh and young approach to story telling. He has a lot to say and people will love to hearing it. ”

“Macias' music is the stuff of legend. 10,000 years from now, when humans have evolved past the need for ears, when telepathic communications are the norm, people will break down in tears finding themselves unable to listen to the magic composed by the brain of their majestic ancestor. Brett Macias's music has been scientifically proven to increase female fertility, having been the cause of numerous triplet and quadruplet births. Many archaeologists and historians believe that if Leonardo DaVinci had been able to hear Brett's music, the Renaissance Man's flying machine truly would have soared. Some have gone so far as to speculate that the music played by Joshua's horns at the battle of Jericho was less impressive than the compositions emanating from the mind of Macias. Also, Brett's music cures Cancer. And IBS.”

“Brett Macias’ music moves you. You either feel connected to the song emotionally or it just plane makes you want to dance. His mix of classic musical theater, Motown funk and jazz draws in a variety of listeners and his attention to detail creates music that is full, well rounded and enticing.”

Rebecca Paige-Sanchez, Performer/New York Tour Guide - Radio City Music Hall

“Brett Macias has the songwriting skills of Johnathan Larson, a voice like Martin Sexton, and a quirky arranging style that can only remind me of what Cat Stevens would have been up to had he been given the chance to write for the stage and not decided to do the Hajj. In this city where the streets are littered with the rocks and less than semi-precious stones of musical dreams, Macias can be found panning through it all and saving the best to give back to the people.”

“There's a lot of soul in this white boy from Colorado. Brett's music is energized, rhythmic, and really grooves. You'll hear ear catching original hooks, and thought provoking lyrics sung by the man himself. Great way to spend an evening.”

Steven Gross, Musical Director/Arranger - Various

“Brett's music has that thoroughly satisfying combination of soul, pop and rock but with a tantalizing, unexpected and fresh spin. He pushes the limits of the standard musical canon by making wild and bold strokes. He takes a simple, yet evocative groove (whether it be jazz, pop, rock or funk) and pulls at it like bright red taffy...shredding it and expanding it until it has a totally new texture and feel, and yet still seems to somehow keep the original integrity. His vocals and his harmonies are jagged, yet elegant. Complex, yet straight to the point. In short, his music is made of the stuff that already makes you want to get up and dance, but teaches you totally new moves.”

Daniel Larsen, Richard Rodgers Award Winning Composer - THE YELLOW WOOD/CLOAKED

“Brett Macias captures the essence of various styles of music, whether it's rock, pop, jazz, musical theatre or any other genre you throw in front of him. His passion for music translates to his own compositions in these styles as well as his performance. Because of his eclectic taste in music, it's often hard to define the category of his compositions, except to say that they are original and an expression of his own voice. ”

“As you may deduce from these capsule descriptions, Murphy and Macias aren't writing musicals for your typical commercial ticket-buying audience. Their aspiration, they will tell you, is to write original musicals for today. As Murphy jokes about their edgy subject matter, "Brett and I shoot ourselves in the foot with the kinds of things we write—full-length musicals about a school shooting and a rapist? The audience spends half the time hating our leading characters." Macias says of musical-theatre collaboration, "It's a marriage, and if you expect to be writing with that person for any amount of time, you hopefully love her or him, because in essence you are two people who are baring your souls against the world. In the end, that mutual respect and caring carries you through really hard times, because you are going to fight and disagree.”