Brett Harris / Press

"A spiritual descendent of Brill Building popsmiths, Harris' classic hook rock sparkles with inner light, buoyed by his effortless tenor croon and hopeful, upbeat vibe"

"With a little luck and some old-fashioned justice, Brett Harris may one day show that nice guys can actually finish first."

"Think 10CC, Split Enz, and Harry Nilsson, and you'll get the idea of the tasty pop music up for consumption here."

"Yesterday's News is definitely a fresh headline and well worth the read."

"...equal amounts of jangle and drift, pop and pontification, like a Nick Lowe and Randy Newman acolyte dreaming in FM ballad Technisound."

"...his on-stage charisma matches the enjoyable intelligence of his music."

"...super-sunny, super-Beatley piano pop, with a strong clear voice & an ear for a hook."

"...debut is wonderfully crafted, crisply delivered and well produced."

"Brett Harris proves that singer/songwriters can pop, too."

"...suave, sophisticated singer/songwriter..."

"This sweet-voiced sass-master from North Carolina plays pop ditties we know you'll love."

"...sweet, country-flavored pop songs...owe more to Elvis Costello or M. Ward..."