Brett Deubner-Violist / Press

““Both concertos are wonderful additions to the viola repertoire....Performances by soloist and orchestra are excellent...a wonderful tribute to a rewarding composer. “”

American String Teacher

" Virtuoso and sparkling...both recordings distinguish themselves through technical brilliance." Klang Punkte, Doblinger Press, Vienna

Klang Punkte, Doblinger Press

““... a deeply personal and poignant rendition of the ‘Prelude’ from Bach’s C Major Suite.” ”

Classical New Jersey

"This CD is a must for any fan of the viola and English music!" Minneapolis Post, review of English Viola Romance CD

Minneapolis Post

““Deubner played...with dynamic virtuosity hitting the center of every note no matter how many there were.” --New Jersey Star-Ledger after concerto debut with NJ Symphony”

Bradley Bambarger - New Jersey Star-Ledger

““...he had a splendid time with Schubert’s Sonata in A, tackling it with Romantic abandon. The audience applauded at the conclusion of the first movement.” ”

St. Louis Post Dispatch

““..viola soloist Brett Deubner brought needed depth to the more ruminating cadenzas. “ ”

Daniel Patrick Stearns - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"The measure of his success can be taken by the fact that having heard the adaptation, I simply cannot imagine the piece with any solo instrument other than Mr. Deubner’s."

Michael Redmond - Princeton Packet

“ “Brett Deubner played his role with a full appreciation of the composer’s aims. “ ”

Tom Purdom - Broad Street Review