Bret Mosley / Press

“As if he was sent to summon a message to the people, Bret slapped and slid his way across his resonator guitar with a fiery, authentic performance that has since impacted my perceptions of what a live show should be.”

“...breaks out roots and Americana with a pop singer-songwriter flair.”

TimeOut, NY

“'Light & Blood' is a heartfelt masterpiece.”

“...dead-center between Hank Williams and The Ohio Players.”

“...combines every facet of Americana music to form rogue stories in song.”

“…extraordinary sense of rhythm and a razor-sharp tongue…”

“...in the desert somewhere between Son House and Leonard Cohen.”

Micheal Eck, Producer-Performance Place - WAMC 90.3FM

“…roots folk rock at its best...quietly stunning in its seemingly simple beauty...”

“...hardworking, ass-kicking artists like Mosley...deserve the kind of audiences pre-fab products posing as musicians garner.”

"...more authentically blues than most of what passes for the real thing these days....a dangerous, haunting tonal quality that brings to mind the late Chris Whitley..."

“…as if Van Morrison had come from a sharecroppers’ farm.”

“Talent to burn, heart like the sun.”

Christy Williams, Program Director - KZMU.ORG

“...one of greatest songwriters I've met in a long time.”

“When I heard his set last night, I changed my religion...to what, I don't know. Something good." ”

“Bret is a jewel and drips with soul.”

"...he has a Milky Way with words."

“Chris Whitley meets Marvin Gaye...”

Dave Bias - thisdesignstudio.com

“...the most unusually effective style of Dobro playing I’ve ever seen.”

John Pfeiffer - The Aquarian