“Given the relaxed nature of his guitar, Byrd’s songs never come across as overbearing in their meanings. His music is always uplifting. Mainly, he just encourages folks to take a second look at the world”

“Adapting an acoustic solo style, his scruffy voice can be likened to a deeper Bob Dylan. His music overall is similar to Jack Johnson with less eclectic lyrics. There aren’t “bubble toes” to be in had in Byrd’s tunes, but they possess the same beachy vibe.”

“Singer/song writer Brent Byrd from St. Augustine, Florida has raised eye brows through his lively performances that incorporate various loops and sounds during his acoustic jams.”

“Til' The World Ends 2012 Tour”

“Brent gebruikt echter niet enkel zijn teksten om zijn "Peaceful Rebel" boodschap over te brengen, zijn ritmische melodieën en sterk expressief gitaarspel, live met loop tapes, maken van deze cd een opvallend buitenbeentje tussen die grote hoop van singer-songwriter materiaal. Brent Byrd op de autoradio, ramen naar beneden en rijden maar, Time To Start Livin' !”

“Brent Byrd is unapologetically positive. His is a soundtrack well-suited for a sun-soaked summer day — windows down and grooving.”