Brenda Guy / Press

“Brenda, your version of Midnight Train ROCKED! Great voice. Glad we featured you. We'll do that again sometime soon. ~The Sam Malone Show KNTH 1070 AM-Radio”

The Sam Malone Show - KNTH 1070 AM-Radio

“The looong, elegant table - sparkling in white, crystal and candlelight - stretched from the dining room into the outdoor living room. Always gracious hosts, the Loyas asked all 44 dinner guests to tell their favorite fashion story, then got everyone dancing with live music by BRENDA GUY!!!”

“House of Blues - Downtown Houston presents live performance by Brenda Guy!!!!”

CSN Showcase - CSN Houston at the House of Blues

“Katy 30th Harvest Rice Festival presents live entertainment by Brenda Guy”

“AMA Music Group and David Hyde presents "Old Town Spring" Blues Festival Sponsored by the Houston Blues Festival and American Cancer Society Live performance by Brenda Guy”

AMA Music Group