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“2015: She is one of five new inductees to make history, being recognized for over 20 years as a recording artist, award-winning songwriter, and musician. The Country Music Hall of Fame (NB Canada).”

“Campbellton-Born Singer Being Inducted Into NB Country Music HOF Campbellton-born Brenda Best, now living in Nashville, will be inducted into the New Brunswick Country Music Hall of Fame this fall. The award-winning singer-songwriter joins the 2015 inductees at a ceremony in Miramichi October 17th.”

“‘Checking up on your behavior’ is a superb piece of music. There’s a great deal of emotion in the rendition; very, very appropriate with the message the song is trying to convey. The overall musicality is so apt with the soft, mellow tonality in the voice and instrumental arrangement. Simply beautiful.”

"Congratulations to Brenda Best for winning Best Country Solo Artist Female"

“Congratulations to Brenda Best for her recent ASCAP Plus Awards "Golden Years" winning 2012-13”

ASCAP Plus Panel - Peter Filischia, Pat Prescott, Melinda Newman

“Brenda Best song "100% Cotton" is climbing from LW #38 to #25 this week on The Indie World Country Music Chart. (02-01-2013) See Current Report at our website: www.indieworldcountry.com”

"Brenda's song 100% cotton is good enough to add to our FM rotation, and that's where I added it. Can't wait to hear some more from her!"

Virginia Phillips - Program Director, 102.3 FM Radio WAMI

“On August 26th 2012, The 6th Annual Nashville Independent Music Awards (NIMAs) the big winner of the night ended up being Country Music. Brenda wasn’t done making noise on the behalf of country that night, as she left with the more awards than anyone else, a total of 3.”

"A very special thank you for contributing your time in song and donation"

“We are very pleased to announce Brenda Best's new single to over 1,000 radio stations in the U.S. and Canada.”

“I put the CD in the player and turn the volume up a bit. I'm a sucker for good lyrics, always have been. Brenda Best got my attention with her visual imagery.”

Stephen Bujold - DJ Radio, Ottawa Canada - The Tribune "Breaking Format"

“Getaway Magazine's editorial on Brenda Best in the January/February 2012 issue. (Nashville's travel magazine explores Nashville and Middle Tennessee). See entertainment section Page 18.”

“Read featured article The Tribune Newspaper, Friday January 6, 2012.”

“Re-recorded 2011 Radio Single of "Golden Years" written by Brenda Best. This Anniversary Song is now available @ iTunes. (Time: 2:24 new version of Golden Years / ASCAP Plus Award winner 2011).”

“ASCAP news: The American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers have selected their award winners for 2011-2012 and Brenda Best was recognized for her creative contributions to American music this past year with her song "Golden Years" a.k.a. The 50th Anniversary Song.”

“Brenda Best speaks with DJ Host Rolf Schnyder of Country Radio Switzerland August 23, 2011 @ 15:00h = 9:00 a.m. US E/T zone.”

"In working with Brenda Best on her new album Facebook Friend, her passion and energy for the creative process make these songs really stand out."

"Music is art and there is no limit to what the mind can create", says Brenda Best in a brief IM interview from Nashville Tennessee USA. The new original project coming June 2011 (Facebook Friend CD) spans several genres of music.

Andrea Mezanger - ECM Music

“I recommend downloading BB's latest song: "Unnecessary Obligations" to anyone who is addicted to TEXTing. Downloads from "Facebook Friend" CD at i-Tunes Store, CD Baby.com, www.brendabest.net”