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“And the unsinkable Ms Chamley, who is training as a naturopath, has more excitement ahead in 2013 - marriage to her carer, former roof-tiler Lachlan Manley. She says her health has improved recently after treatment: ''I'm still wobbly but there's significantly less pain in my legs.'' Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/musician-flying-high-despite-battling-health-problems-20121019-27wv8.html#ixzz2A0QHy7jN”

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“Bree-Arne is one of about 18,000 people in Australia with one of the four types of MS, ranging from level one (her condition) to the most serious level four. She has fought back and her symptoms have eased in the past year. On this particular afternoon she’s walked unaided to greet me in the lounge room of the Point Lonsdale house she shares with boyfriend and carer of two years, Lachlan Manley. She is bright and bubbly, a little clumsy lately, but life is brighter than before. With the help of a $5000 grant from the MS Society, Bree-Arne has just produced two CDs of her own songs under the title Release Me. Now, on top of her naturo­pathy course, she is training to be a singing teacher”

“Interview with John Lamp at Winning Most recordable Artist at 2005 Queenscliff Music Festival”