Breanne Primeau / Press

"Breanne's music is powerful, and impassioned, and her devotion to the art is clear with every verse. She takes her most profound experiences and shares them with the audience, unafraid and without reservation. With a blend of R & B, jazz and soul, she's created a sound that cannot be ignored, or forgotten."

“When I think of big, evocative voices, Nat King Cole and Bessy Smith immediately flood my mind. While her music is much more in the vein of contemporaries such as Adele and Joss Stone, Breanne Primeau's voice truly stands out from the moment you hear her. Primeau's music spans several genres, of which, the heavy influences of soul, jazz, and pop stand out. Her versatility as a performer, songwriter, and vocalist allows for one of those unique experiences from song to song. She has such a range that it eliminates the arch nemesis of many performers, monotony. She approaches songs in various ways (subtly, emotionally, energetically, soulfully) seamlessly fusing the feeling of the song into harmony, intonation, and intentionality. Her delivery and technique is flawless, which in the age of auto-tune, is such a relief to hear. ”

"Breanne has a pristine, captivating voice similar to the likes of Adele and Joss Stone with a sassy, confident persona that completely evokes the type of music she set out to create while in the studio. I was totally floored the moment I first heard her voice, and was amazed at the confidence she displayed while belting out these high energy tunes that has a old soul R&B type of feel to it with a subtle jazz touch thrown in for good measure that complements her well rounded sound that only gets better as you go along listening to her music. A terrific and promising young talent that is poised to take that next leap up the musical ladder. Some great tracks for you to check out from her include 'Broken Wing' and 'I Shouldn't Stay'."

“Breanne has a soulful, flirty voice that adds flavor to any emotion. Her cover of Broken Wing is what caught our eye. The strength in her vocals and the personalized lyrics in 'Take the First Step' can be related to by many. Her heart is worn on her sleeve here and we got see the soul of Breanne through her voice. Breanne's music is overall inspiring, sexy and buoyant. We love working with Breanne and are looking forward to one day seeing her perform live.”