Luis Capri Duprey/ BreakOut Theodore / Press

“Hi guys thank you for the comment and thanks for becoming a fan of my music , love your tune its really awesome, nice work, much respect Quade77 ”

Quade77 Productions - Reverbnation

“Love ur message guys, keep it coming. Hugs, Johannah ”

Tupelo Super Store & Afton Entertainment - Reverbnation

“ You're a trip! ”

Free World Radio Telecasting - Reverbnation

“This is great stuff!! Keep it coming. Great beats going on. Do you guys have a body of work or are you just really starting to put it together? Bless you and your music! ”

Barbara Birmingham - Facebook

“Blessings my dude!! 1 love.Nice tunes in the player!! ”

DJ Wally/ Pish Posh - Myspace

“Man love the new beats you got there I just want to get in my car and just drive , drive far with the windows down and jammin'. I had to add some on my profile. You keep it up bro . Remember I'm in line when ever you get that cd out. Take care bro.”

Papo - Myspace

“You're music and creativity helps me escape the turmoil of the past and inspires me to accentuate the positive."”

Nicholas Farmer - Facebook

“Hey Wat's Up Mr. Capri, Just wanted to say I enjoyed listening to "Breakout Theodore". Please let me know when the album comes out! As always, you're beats are so intense they strike me right throught the heart! Your sound is amazing. Freesyle Kid Nick Farmer ”

Nick Farmer - Myspace