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“Breakneck to guest on the Sgt Buzzkill Show Full audio of the episode/debauchery can be found at http://sianetradio.com/buzzkill_show/”

"Seeing Thru" Featured Video on WIhiphop.com !!

“Breakneck's 4th Annual Birthday Bash Listed as "Best Twin Cities Concerts of the Week" by City Pages”

“Breakneck the Mage and Fathom selected to open for ASTRONAUTALIS at the House of Rock !!”

“Breakneck the Mage opening for Rhymesayers artist Grieves !! Seattle-based hip hop artist Grieves (on Rhymesayers since 2010) is excited to announce that his homies Sweatshop Union (from Canada) will be joining in the fun on the whole Back On My Grizzly tour. Grieves will be doing a meet & greet after his performance at the merch table. Physical tickets available at Truckers Union & The House of Rock. Doors at 8pm.”

“INDUSTRY BEATS MIXTAPE FEATURED AT ROCKBOX BLOG A big thanks to the guys over at the Rockbox Blog for posting a feature on the Industry Beats Mixtape...you can even download the entire thing for free!!! You can check it out at http://rockboxblog.wordpress.com/”

“Breakneck the Mage Interviewed for "Local Independence" Podcast”

“The "Thank You Rob" Podcast Welcomes Minneapolis artist Breakneck the Mage. Breakneck the Mage and I met up at the Spyhouse Coffee Shop in Uptown, Minneapolis to commemorate episode #34 by discussing the legendary Minnesota Twins outfielder, Kirby Puckett. Mage also shared the details of his past work as a rapper and his future self-titled album coming out this Winter…just in time for the holidays. Episode 34 (right click, save target as…) This episode was recorded at Spyhouse Coffee, located at 2404 Hennepin Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55405”

“Breakneck the Mage = Overcast! Slug + Heiruspecs + Eyedea ---Breakneck the Mage is Dead Gets National Review in Slug Magazine!!!”

“Lights Camera Rappin (7th St Entry Show) Featured on MPLS Happy Hour Blog”

“Breakneck the Mage & Mr Pizzy In-Studio Guests on "Boneman Rhapsody" The fifth episode of Bone Man Rhapsody featuring Breakneck the Mage and Mr. Pizzy from Minneapolis, MN. Also Starring DJ Pompey on the turntables. Special Thanks to Sinimabeats.com for the music! Thank you to Diggy Splash, The CAT TV Staff, and No Coast Raps!! Visit www.boneheadindustries.com for more from the Bone Man!”


Stones Throw

“We reported back in the Feb. 3 issue that local hip-hop artist Breakneck the Mage was laying two new albums on us. That’s roughly a year after his last album. And like 18 months after the album before that. And, oh yeah, he started a Hip-Hop Association in there, too. Wait. It gets even crazier. If the newest e-mail from Mr. The Mage is to be believed, by the end of May he’ll have played 20 shows in a two-month span. Three of them in the Twin Cities. And is he burned out? Well he better not be, cuz he has a 21-date tour booked in September and a bunch of dates in between (festivals, Mankato, Duluth, the cities, local, you name it). To honor Sir Broken Neck, head out this month for one of the five big hip-hop shows happening around his birthday – and the release of his new mixtape. Did we forget to mention that? Oh yeah, it’s 21 tracks and is a free download as of May 1.”

“Breakneck the Mage named BEST ARTIST IN THE CHIPPEWA VALLEY!!!”

“Breakneck and Analyrical on the "Hip Hop Providers" Radio Show !! 91.7fm Twin Cities We talk about Grind Time and rap battles, beer, sports, hip hop, and everything in between”

“Breakneck the Mage has been a busy man. After spending much of his time mixin’ beats and laying down tracks at Green Street Studios, his personal studio located in Chippewa Falls, Breakneck is ready to bless his fans with two new full-length albums, which are set to drop in stores early February. While the sounds are fresh and the lyrics are outstanding, the albums Overdubs & Overdoses and The Misadventures of Breakneck the Mage are completely different from one another. Misadventures, produced by Breakneck’s friend LC Slak, has an old-school sound to it, using sampled beats from jazz records, and is a little more personal, Breakneck said. Overdubs, on the other hand, is composed of songs you’d probably hear in the club, as it has more of a mainstream sound. “It’s more about just having fun,” Breakneck said...go to link for the rest and to hear songs”

“Breakneck the Mage Featured in Sept Issue of Cipher News”

ciphernews.com - Cipher News

“Volume One Magazine Article on Breakneck the Mage Out Now”

“Coffee Shoppe Melodies featured song on REDFIZZ.com”