Braver than Fiction / Press

"Dark, loungey swagger..."

“This is one fantastic band...I wish I could see them live”

“We had Braver than Fiction who are a cracking band; it was the first time I'd seen them. They headlined last night and just took the roof off - absolutely brilliant!”

“A mini classic of atmospheric retro styled, blues soaked, soulful tracks”

“As tight and bang on as ever”

“They sound terriffic”

“One of the steel city’s most startling new bands”

“Deffo a band to watch”

"A sound that is timeless but sits perfectly amongst the best that is around today."

“Dancing shoes are well and truly on. Mel from Braver than Fiction doin' it for the ladies. Fantastic band!! We're all being charmed by Braver than Fiction and their endearingly shoulder moving / hip swaying inducing music. Sing it sista.”

“Braver than Fiction will be worth keeping an eye on in the future”

“Wow. Amazing vocals. Love the husky, raspy and dark timbre, it's seldom that women have such vocal acerbity and smoothness. It's a harmonic arrangement in general: the laid back yet ambient instrumentation highlights the strong vocal performance, great, imbuing bass line, rhythmic and tense drum beats. Well done!”

“It's got a nice feel to it...us talking about it really doesn't do it justice...what a band they are and like I said I don't know if you hear it but I heard very distinct kind of, oh, similarities between them and Blue Oyster Cult...and it's just so good!”

“I think my audience is going to like this one...as soon as I heard it I got it uploaded”

“A very cool tune and a very awesome voice that she does have”

“She's nuts but her voice is unreal”

"Really, really like that track [...] really nice track"

“What a soulful voice, WOW! Here's the song you voted for - it's Mel from Braver than Fiction, with her BACKSTAGE:UK ON THE SPOT challenge x”