Brave It Through The Night / Press

“Like Dallas Green’s side project City & Colour, Dean borrows heavily from alternative and heavier styles of music to create his vocal-driven, emotional acoustic songs, rather than becoming an aping Dylan or Donovan artist. Flirting with distortion earlier on, Dean seems to have found his comfort zone with simply an acoustic guitar. It takes a brave soul to get up and strip everything back, leaving nothing to hide behind, but Dean pulls it off confidently. And not just that, his live shows are humble, disarmingly funny and engaging.”

Dom Alessio - Triple J

“He's got loads of talent and his live shows are funny as well. Make sure you get out and see him before he gets swooped up to a label overseas!!”

Matt Rudduck - Matt Rudduck - RUIN GLORIA

“One of the most eclectic and engaging young artists to emerge on the scene in a while. This guy has the voice of an angel - CIAO magazine”

CIAO Magazine