Brando's Island / Press

“...Brando’s Island makes sweet noise with Jordan Bennett (bss), Josh Bushueff (gtr), Chris Reed (gtr), Brent Stranathan (drms) and Brandon Wardell (vox.) These guys play hard, fast and delightfully loud; it was all they could do to remain tethered on the lil stage while the crowd raged unrestrained. Musically, B’s Island strikes a strong balance of technical proficiency with all the Ushe influences meshing nicely with raw emotion that lead singer Brandon Wardell brings to the stage. He’s got that Morrison-esque, fresh-off-a-party-at-the-beach feel and an unpredictable flair that makes him as much fun to watch as he is to listen to...”

“In addition to the kick-ass Lonely Drunks Club Band, Brando’s Island (left) really stood out in the night’s multiband lineup and had the place groovin’ to a fantastic set of original tunes before frontman Brandon Wardell later grabbed the mic during the GN’R tribute for a couple more powerhouse performances. Throughout the tight set of spot-on covers of classics like “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” Wardell and the various singers chatted between songs about how GN’R's major label debut changed their lives, including one who said he was 10 when the album dropped! Another mentioned that he was 12 when Appetite debuted! Doh!”