Brandon Wise & the Scorchin' Sons / Press

“The Scorchin’ Sons, a 5 piece rock outfit complete with rockin’ guitars, suave saxophone, funky dance moves and powerful vocals are causing a ruckus in the Carolina scene, and you’ll understand why when you hear their new track “Derailed”. The single is the first off of their upcoming record entitled 'Show Me Your Solstice.'”

"Night one of the Orgy Music Fest goes down at New York Pizza with Ameriglow, the Leeves, 3BR, Black Santa, Totally Slow, Brandon Wise & the Scorchin’ Sons and Ware Ware. It’ll be like Caligula without the Penthouse models."

“Coming up at 6 pm ET on Carolina Music Storm with Karen Lee on WUAG 103.1 FM 4-7 pm ET: Brandon Wise and The Scorchin' Sons in the studio LIVE!”

“... and throwback brass rockers Brandon Wise & the Scorchin’ Sons descend on the Green Bean with Swift Science and Sinners & Saints.”

“New single from Greensboro band Brandon Wise and the Scorchin' Sons! "Derailed"”

“Taylor Bays & the Laser Rays turn the cheek way up at the Clubhouse with garage-soul eight-piece Brandon Wise & the Scorchin’ Sons.”

“Brandon Wise & The Scorchin’ Sons [give] a high-energy performance. Lead singer Brandon Wise [hops] around dancing, his guitar giving life to the band’s heavy, soulful rock rhythm. Their sound can be familiarized with that of Modest Mouse, the horn blares and intense vocals giving each song a shot of adrenaline that listeners can feel.”

“Our artists of the day, Brandon Wise and the Scorchin' Sons, are a heavy soul band that make a chaotic blend of bliss.”

“[Brandon Wise & the Scorchin' Sons] are ready to make you dance!”

"Soulful Big Band Rock & Roll that will blow your mind!"

"Between their original sound, proficient musicianship, and ability to entertain a live audience, Brandon Wise & the Scorchin' Sons are well on their way to success."