Brandon Scott Smith / Press

“Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Brandon Scott Smith will release his debut album, Modern Day Prodigal, on February 24th. The 7-song EP, featuring the single "Out on a Limb," is a digital exclusive, available through iTunes and other major online outlets. "We love Brandon Scott Smith's debut single," says KCBI's music director John Eddy Alaniz. "We went 'out on a limb' here in Dallas!" The sentiment is also shared by Rodney Baylous at WOLC (Salisbury, MD) who states: "Not only do we love it in the office, but our listeners are responding that they love it too!"”

“Christian Music recording artist Brandon Scott Smith and band perform their second set live on TV-57.”

“Courtesy of New Line records, you can be one of three lucky Hollywood Jesus readers to win a copy of Brandon Scott Smith’s latest EP, Modern Day Prodigal, released late in 2008.”

“Regular Cross Rhythms radio listeners will have heard the moving ballad "So Divine" by Brandon Scott Smith. It comes from Scott's independent mini-album 'Modern Day Prodigal' and is a song written about his wife, Kim. What is particularly poignant about Brandon's song is that he penned it about a wife who stuck with her husband through his painful battle with pornography addiction. In a recent radio interview with Chris Mountford, the Atlanta-based singer/songwriter spoke about his life.”