Brandon Jarod / Press

“Hot artist Brandon Jarod sings about this despair in his hit single "No Solution..." It paints their feeling of no matter how hard they try, it gets them nowhere. This is not the solution to make america great again! Brandon Jarod gives hope by his emotional cry in the song from the new release "The Crush".”

“The spirit of Jimi is no doubt in this new artist, from the bottom of our hopes. Brandon Jarod is nothing but the truth, with his debut release "The Crush" many who hear his music believe they are seeing the rebirth of an era we all just loved.”

“The song, which is a slow tempo mix of pop, rock, and R&B, is about relationships. "The Crush" speaks to the darker side of love in which there is pain, with lyrics that include the statements: "True love gets hard sometimes," "I'm going to make you beg for mercy," and "Going to find my revenge on Valentine's".”

“Brandon Jarod's single "Put It In A Love Song" from his debut album, The Crush, is enjoyable and unique, incorporating elements of rock, metal, blues, pop and R&B. Romantic and hopeful, the track is upbeat and happening. A self-taught guitarist who learned by practicing 10 hours a day from the age of 18, Brandon shows that his skills are definitely on par with the best of the rest, as he lays down a funky guitar solo in "Put It In A Love Song".”


"This artist definitely has the tools. Vocal ability blends into his Rock Blues style, Guitar playing is impeccable! Stage presence on video will cause anyone to come see him. You can see Chuck Berry and feel the Memphis style of blues in one particular piece we looked at. Definitely has Soul and Funk flowing from the fingers."

"Between sandy vocals, ripping guitar riffs, an amazing bassist and a powerful drummer, Brandon Jarod demands the attention of any who are lucky enough to see them in action."