Brandon Fiechter / Press

“Brings me back... makes me want to pick up final fantasy again. High calibur work!”

“My prediction is...I will hear your music in a movie someday.”

JC & Laney - Twitter

“Well done!! Easy to listen and enjoy your music!”

Intaerim - Reverbnation

“I love it when music is emotional as well as technically wonderful, and you cover both areas, Brandon, beautifully performed and recorded but also with that brush at the heart which takes it that extra step into my world of loved music.”

“Wow, just beautiful keep it up!”

“Your compositions are awesome, music that makes pictures!”

Chand K Nova - Reverbnation

“Absolutely fabulous, all your themes are gorgeous. Reminds me a little of the opening of "Game of Thrones" which I think is one of the best visual and auditive experiences i've ever had.”