Brandon Chase / Press

“Country music is not something you can fake. When I heard your voice, I heard the real deal... It's in your blood to be a country singer.”

Blake Shelton (NBC's The Voice)

“Brandon Chase is going to be an artist to watch that didn't NEED a "Voice" win... his first single, "One", keeps us on the road of country musics' ever-evolving sound, while giving us a song we LOVE to sing along to on the radio! We here at the Wolf in Dallas consider him a hometown hero as we've watched his journey so far, thrilled to be the first station to play, ONE! A true Gentleman for Country Music, too!”

Lisa Taylor (KPLX 99.5 The Wolf)

“Brandon Chase is a talented vocalist who delivered a brilliant debut single. Definitely one to watch.”

Matt Bjorke (Roughstock)

“A breezy slice of folk and rock-tinged country, the sweet, engaging One marks Brandon Chase as not only a hopeless romantic, but an impressive Nashville talent worth keeping an eye on.”

Preston Jones (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

“I've seen Brandon's inestimable talents in action on stage and in the studio. He exemplifies country music TODAY with his authenticity, attitude and style. In the studio his work-ethic and skill-set are prodigious. When the world experiences his debut single ONE, these qualities will be undeniable. I can't wait to see Brandon Chase's continued personal and professional accomplishments. Country Music's historic momentum continues and artists like Brandon Chase keep it flourishing!”

Ryan Drean (TM Studios/Dial Global/Westwood One)

“Brandon Chase was the new star of CRS 2014 for me. Top priority is breaking him in my market!”

Ryan McCall (WGLR Music Director)

“Seldom do you find what we in the industry call the (Package) or the (It Factor). It takes extreme talent, work ethic, a look and a unique sound! Brandon Chase has the “It” Factor. More so, this artist has a work ethic that makes him so easy to manage and a joy to work with. He makes music for his fans, he engages and appreciates those who journey with him! This artist has a true crossover sound and that is his ultra smooth and extremely unique voice. As a singer and musician, Brandon Chase has a calling, a purpose in the industry with a moral character that we desperately need. As we search for young role models who are excellent at their craft and truly have the talent to be international stars, while delivering positive influence and moving people through art – We found it in Brandon Chase. An artist that strives to honor God with the gifts he has been blessed with and thereby inspire his fans.”

Jaco Booyens (AE Management)

"Brandon is one of the best new artists out there. Being a music publicist, I come across a lot of artists but it's hard to find someone as talented, hard-working and dedicated as Brandon. There's no doubt in my mind that he is the new big thing! Jump on board because this train is leaving the station!"

Tiffany Bearden (Evolution PR)

"Working with Brandon has been an incredible experience. As a producer in Nashville, I have been privileged to work along-side so many talented artists. The competition of the modern music industry is intense, and these days it takes a lot more than a great voice and bright smile to make some noise in our industry. Brandon clearly has those bases covered, but what really makes him unique is his unwavering dedication and relentless focus in every endeavor. His mind is always inherently focused on the process no matter how long it lasts or tedious it becomes. He has an authentic desire to honestly represent himself, his art, and his passion for sharing his gift of music with others. As you watch Brandon’s videos and learn more about his story, I believe that you will quickly realize the same thing that I did the first time that I met him. Brandon is more than a “voice.” He is an artist, inside and out."

Giovanni (The Record Shop)

"We are excited to represent Brandon Chase to country radio. We work with several hundred secondary radio stations nationwide, including Music Row Breakout Chart reporters, Billboard Indicators, Aircheck Activators, plus many other stations that do not necessarily report to any chart. If you haven't already heard of Brandon, you will soon. He already has a great many fans nationwide. He has all the makings of a star: great voice, good looks, winning personality, excellent songs and a super production that will sound great on the radio."

Jerry Duncan Promotions

“VERSED APPROVED: BEST OF 2012 UPCOMING MUSIC ARTIST & Top Country Song (Lemonade Sunday by Brandon Chase)”

“Over the past few years, Brandon has released three CD’s that show his maturity as a singer and songwriter. Lucky for us, the musician recently released his new EP, “Country Enough.” If you love to listen to relatable and down-to-earth songs, you’ll want to hear Brandon’s latest. After hearing “Lemonade Sunday” and “Most Beautiful Thing,” we couldn’t help but download his catchy tunes on iTunes. We can bet we’ll be hearing a lot more from Brandon Chase.”

“If you’ve visited the Rising Stars of Country section on iTunes, there’s a chance you’ve seen Brandon Chase. His new EP, Country Enough, is featured there alongside the likes of country’s hottest new names, Charlie Worsham, Joel Crouse, Parmalee and more. However, if you haven’t heard his music yet, it’s time we introduce you to this mega-talented Texan singer- songwriter.”

“NOT YOUR TYPICAL Country Artist. You know that the second that Brandon Chase walks into the room. With his movie star good looks and style right out of today’s fashion magazines, Brandon exudes a quiet confidence. In today’s sometimes-shallow music scene, Brandon’s image could be enough but then he sings…His voice is an incredible instrument that is both soulful & controlled with a great range. His songwriting is melodic and his lyrics are filled with traditional country themes that are said in a new way that reflects his generation. Not your typical country Artist, look for Brandon Chase to have a breakout year.”

"The other Night I had the privilege to catch Brandon Chase's show - I was blown away! - This is an artist that has both the Talent and stage presence to really take an audience and make it his own. Expect big things from Brandon in the Future."