Brake Brothers Band / Press

“× Marc Roberge First-rate Professional recording and inspired lyrics! Top musicians! Lakeport , California”

Marc Roberge - Lakeport News

“× Nice Job and great modern sound with classic rock feel. I love the English punk kind of vocal!”

× Matt Gordon - Enlgish Friends

"Very Impressive Debut Album from The Brake Brothers Band, Great Hooks And very radio Friendly hard rock Sound" -Alvin Rentis Editor for - TheMusic.Today

“This is a very cool personal piece of work, straight forward old school rock/ punk rock vibe”

Danny Henry - oklahoma rock xine

“Hi Kevin when I woke today and checked my mail , you were the last person i expected to see in my in-box . and of course I have the time to talk to you..I rarely hear directly from projects I developed for virgin music and my short time at EMI. But you and your singer from the Big Heavy are certainly Unforgettable. I'm very pleased to see you out there still loving the spotlight and i assume your still are a nut case on stage. as for your question about the perfect band bio. I don't think it matters much for website traffic but its everything when you are sending your EPK Package or your bands Press kit to any industry folk . if they give it a look the bio will be second thing they take a look at assuming your song sparked there interest. The Industry has certainly changed so much since you were signed to Virgin. good or bad I still believe it comes down to having some great songs and alot of luck. with that said it was great to hear from you and Keep Rockin.”

Ralph Murphy Esq - TAXI