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“Macomb Township musician's song aids Humane Society”

“This is another one of those bands that you stumble across and get these feelings of extreme joy and pleasure erupting through your body – this is mainly due to the fact that you have discovered a new band that you could see taking the world by storm. ‘Another Time and Place’ is a melodromatic pop song with indie tendencies streaming through the veins – if you could imagine Grizzly Bear and Camera Obscura forming a super group the result would be Brae. There is also an Americana alt-rock style seeping through in this song – the acoustic guitar and lead guitar in the pre-chorus shouts Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown. The chorus itself is very interesting – it doesn’t really adhere to a normal song writing style that you would expect to find in a song like this – it’s a chorus you would expect to find in a more grunge/punk styled band – it works perfectly though! There is an interesting mix of genres here and they amalgamate beautifully – very impressive stuff!”

“About a half an hour until doors open and calmly, the equipment is tested with the repetitive strum, beat or, “Check, one, two”. At the front of the stage is a bearded man nearing 40 dressed in shadowy hues. His name is Brandon Husken and he is the front man for the headlining band. He stood as he beat his drum set, looking mesmerized by the cause and effect. He spoke into a microphone arched from the floor up over his head (an Inspector Gadget-like feature to the stage). He has dark eyes and dark, wiry shoulder-length hair. If the venue were any dimmer, he might as well have blended in. After the sound check is completed Husken walks into a quieter area to talk. Past the line of fans purchasing tickets and past a room chock-full of instruments. As he finished explaining his recent bout with a cold, he swooped himself below a rope and strolled into a largely empty room with the exception of a giant jukebox.”

“Beautiful and extremely addictive track here from Brae aka Brandon Husken. As an ex-drummer this musician decided to go solo in 2008, forming Brae on his own with different musicians helping him out recording his 1st two albums and doing live-shows with him. In 2011 he recruited a more steady base around him and nowadays Brae is a more 'regular' band, with a total of 5 members. This Friday they'll be releasing Brae's 3rd album, the 1st real band album. This one song is addictive as hell and has dominated most of the stereo today. Can't wait to hear the entire thing this weekend!”

"Husken’s writing is magnificent, both lyrically and in terms of melody. The songs are blessed with a subtle pop brilliance that is Brae’s secret weapon. Love it."

"Another Time and Place, out January 27, is probably best suited for the turn of winter to spring, as it has a mellow folk-pop flair. The kind that you want to listen to on your porch as you watch your grass and trees finally return to green."

"If Brae hasn’t caught on in the music scene yet, I bet they’ll be catching some steam soon."

“Detroit-based singer-songwriter, Brae, spent twenty years as a drummer. But, similar to the path taken by Dave Grohl, he desired the challenge of being a frontman. Find out more about his love of his family and the Detroit music scene...”

"His music is very rhythm centric. Even the melodic lines have a unique rhythmic feel to them that keep the songs interesting. Overall, the music is laid back and easy going. It’s great to listen to when you’re relaxing and have a moment to absorb some thoughtful and sincere lyrics."