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“Private Collections: Brad Williams – Brad About Guitars Brad Williams’s work recording guitars in the television industry has seen him gather a vast collection of instruments. Lars Mullen takes the tour…”

“Put the kettle on baby ~ its hot ~ positive vibes Brad”

pinksideofthemoon - Rever Nation

“Love that all your work is different man! Nice to know there are more of us out there... Best to ya!”

Matt "Melodius" Coe - Reverb Nation

“Way to rock it! Red Light's grove is very cool. Wow, something.. Love it! xo, Cat”

Cat McLean - Reverb Nation

“Can’t get enough of your terrific musical artistry! What a sound you have indeed! You have my continued support and wishes for all the best with your music.....Pat Branch in NYC ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪”

Pat Branch - Reverb Nation

"Angiebug", some great intricate flavours here, good stuff.

Full Circle - Reverb Nation

“Fantastic music, you are such a talented and gifted composer / musician. Congratulations, amazing work, beautifully performed. I am very impressed...”

Robert Steven Hunt - Reverb Nation

“Brad ! you are Rockin!!! Great Work Cool Song writing!”

Basement Rocks - Reverb Nation

“Really good music and unique sound. It's great to be here listening your music.”

manolis paschalidis - Reverb Nation

“A combination of good looking with great music!!! Good luck man! Tali from Tel Aviv BTW liked It just don't get any better than this. Take care :)”

Tali Birenberg - Reverb Nation

“Groovy... and unique... Rock On!!”

KRUSH - Reverb Nation

“Prayer for the Never Had a Chance" is my absolute favorite. Bookmarked in my playlists. Your FREE download is also a well written song. Kudos to you!”

Jane Silence - Reverb Nation

“Take a load off and throw them dogs up on the sofa with your headphones. If you got 'em, smoke 'em, 'cause Brad's gonna take you on a journey into the stars and back. Bra... ”

“'Burn it Down' is one of those rare, exhilarating and powerful anthems that says it all when words fail to express absolute happiness. Love it!”

“ Listening to "Burn It Down" was an uplifting experience. It brought back memories of carefree, weekend drives in the Nevada desert, outside Las Vegas. Bravo! ”

Katia Tiutiunnik Composer - Reverb Nation

“I am just listening BURN IT DOWN WIP 170409, and I must say, the song is really very good. I like it! You just got also a new fan. Wishing you all best Volodja”


“Very cool and thoughtful instrumentals..”