Brad Lee Schroeder / Press

"Brad Lee Schroeder has one of the finest shows we've seen since our opening of Gilley's at the Nugget in Sparks Nevada"

“Brad Lee Schroeder grabs your attention with his strong vocals and captures your heart with his gentle spirit! He doesn't just sing a song, he lives it! His performances are high energy and leave you wanting more! He's the real deal!”

Cindy Hayward - 106.9 FM - KMOK Lewiston, Idaho

“WOW! Brad sang for nearly 3 straight hours at his last show. He put his entire heart and soul into every minute! I have never seen anyone do that before. Brad is a born entertainer and definitely somebody that you need to see! That about sums up Brad Lee Schroeder and his amazing band.”

Brad Lee Schroeder fan for life - Facebook quote

“I spent over $75.00 to pay for a concert ticket to Blake Shelton, and I just saw Brad Lee Schroeder for free at a festival in Golden, CO. Blake needs to take a few lessons about entertaining a crowd because Brad's show was unbelievable! The most entertaining show I've ever seen!”

New fan of Brad Lee Schroeder - Buffalo Bill Days Festival - July 28, 2012

“Brad Lee Schroeder is an amazing artist. Every time he plays our venue he PACKS the house. He has a fun following and really, REALLY knows how to get the crowd excited and up and dancing. Brad is always welcome to play at our club.”

“Brad's live performances and talent are UNMATCHED by anyone in the music industry today. There is NO entertainer that can come close to what Brad does on stage. It's amazing to watch him perform, and he leaves the crowd wanting more every single time.”

Robert Hansen - Sound engineer

“Brad is a class act—Not only in his performance and playing abilities, but also his human side! Brad is an all around, down-to-earth nice guy! We will definitely have Brad back next year. <b>- About Brad’s performance at the Jefferson County Fair & Rodeo, August 13, 2010<b> ”

David T. Sayer - Jefferson County Fair &amp; Rodeo - Golden, CO

“When you've got it, you've got it and Brad Lee Schroeder clearly displays that he does with his brand new single "Easy." Nashville is a town that is full of hopes and dreams, but Brad Lee Schroeder seems well on his way to making his a reality. This is definitely an artist that you need to keep your eye on.”

“Brad Lee Schroeder's new single ‘Easy’ is one of the best songs that has hit my desk in a long time! With a simple yet catchy lyric and toe-tapping tempo, it's a real feel-good song! ”

“Brad Lee Schroeders’ new single “Easy” is a guitar driven, rocking country love song. Brad makes it sound “Easy” to be able to sing this tune and his vocal performance is second to none with power, fun and emotion behind the lyrics. This single has the potential to be a big one for Brad. A catchy lyric, catchy beat and a good hook almost always seems to be the secret to great success and this song has those three criteria marked off the list.”