Boy Meets Machine / Press

“They hold a vast variety of sounds and styles appealing to the ear. They set out to be unique and it really shows.”

“Fans of everything from metal and prog-rock to jazz and funk should be able to sink their teeth into this record!”

“Boy Meets Machine weave together an alluring blend of post-rock, metal and pop into their songwriting. It's on full display on War Horn, the band's upcoming album.”

“War Horn boasts thirteen roaring tracks spanning the sonic spectrum. There is something for everyone on this release, as it contains elements of metal, prog-rock, jazz, funk, and alternative blended with a savvy pop-sensibility.”

“In a world of quick sales and fear of taking chances, their status as uncategorizable becomes a welcome change.”

"Boy Meets Machine has all of the ingredients to be one of the most prolific bands of this time.."

“This debut album is highly anticipated in some parts – by the young people I imagine. It's actually not that difficult to see why. If you feel the urge to seek out a progressive take on alt-rock then you know where to look.”