Boy Hits Car / Press

“Completely non-stop action from start to finish with a very unique sound that is all their own. I would highly recommend to anyone to see this great band live”

“Imagine Jethro Tull jamming with Korn, and you may get an idea of what these guys sound like.”

“Boy Hits Car had the most energy of any band to play that night and rivals some of my personal favorite live performances....the fact that this band is unsigned is one of the bigger travesty’s of the music industry in general. Grade: A ”

“These Los Angeles natives have toured with System of a Down, Incubus, Papa Roach, and Flyleaf to name a few, and were featured on the 2001 SnoCore Tour, as well as a few dates on the '06 SnoCore tour w/Seether and Shinedown.”

“The Passage is indeed an epiphany of a set, and a revelation for fans, and by far the group's most stunning album to date. ~ Jo-Ann Greene”

“An intense, energetic, positive sound that is unlike any other band out there. To believe its energy, one must hear it...”

“Under command of charismatic frontman, CRegg, BHC consistantly captivated listeners while gaining further popularity, even performing the theme song for WWE Superstar, Lita, entitled "LoveFuryPassionEnergy."”

“Self-proclaimed 'lovecore' act Boy Hits Car is more known for their vocalist's insane stage dives (he holds the world record of the biggest ever recorded stage dive, 63 feet high) than for their music, which is a shame.”

“I don't think anyone should ever compliment someone's acrobatic skills when they do a stage dive after watching CRegg, the lead singer of the band Boy Hits Car.”

“Boy Hits Car is one of the best live bands in the alternative rock scene; the incredible energy emanating from the four band members CRegg (vocals), Mike (guitar), Bill (bass) and Johnny (drums), makes their concert an event beyond belief. Boy Hits Car has an explosive energy, a unique sound, intoxicating live shows, and a great passion for music.”

“Boy Hits Car...seem to be one of the great underground treasures of rock music. ...BHC are a truly awesome live spectacle.”