Boulder Acoustic Society / Press

“With BAS' new full-length, Punchline, the now well-oiled machinery of the group has kicked into high gear. Punchline's fifteen songs are packed with alternately smoky, bouncy and twangy tunes that call to mind everyone from Tom Waits to Split Lip Rayfield to They Might Be Giants.”

“Gems of Acoustic, Americana-Pop workmanship are abound here. It’s all f’n good. BAS have finally showcased the immense musical vision they had started out with sometime ago....Its one of the most memorable, can’t stop listening albums to ever come out of Colorado. ”

"Experimental, but not pretentious. Fun and serious in all the right places. Weird, but not in a ‘look at how weird I am’ way." -Dale Bridges, Boulder Weekly

Dale Bridges - Boulder Weekly

"Here, for us, is the future of String Band Music on a silver platter.(assuming you buy the CD!) A multi-national, multicultural, symphonic, swingin' band of young monsters who will bring you to the rocky mountain where they live and show you around the place... And you will like this place."

Darol Anger, violinist, fiddler, composer, Republic of Strings, Psychograss and - Personal Testimony

"These guys are adventurous, entertaining, very original. I thoroughly enjoyed them."

Tommy Emmanuel - Personal Testimony

"One must admit that BAS stays true to themselves in the sense that they continue to play exclusively acoustic music that gets people moving and shaking just as effectively as a club DJ playing the latest dance grooves!"

Paul Lemmon - Colorado Music Buzz

“Even if you haven't been particularly impressed by BAS in the past, "The Caged Bird" is one of their most focused and tightly woven CDs, filled with smart and fun lyrics and dabbling in surprising territory, such as the yodel-fueled, rockabilly tune "No Matter What I Do."”

Stacey Nick - The Coloradoan