Brothers of the Sonic Cloth / Press

“the Brothers (which includes Doyle's wife and veteran punk bassist Peggy Doyle, along with esteemed Seattle drummer Dave French) is now a thundering, lysergically inclined unit with its own distinct sonic identity and thoroughly mesmerizing live presence.”

“with beats that hit you like slow-motion punches thrown in Hollywood thrillers. It’s kind of like delayed mortification, and it feels really good. Sometimes they let up on the gloom/doom and psych out on a more ethereal plane. But it still carries that patented Tad heaviness.”

“Brothers of the Sonic Cloth (Live at the Sunset) -Words fail me. I was completely enraptured by the strength of this this Tad Doyle led trio. Unbelievable. Pretty, indie-pop doesn't stand a chance.”

“Brothers of the Sonic Cloth are louder than the PA. TAD might even be singing straight to us without a microphone. Like he’s summoning volume like a demon. I bet there’s a pentagram on the floor of the stage somewhere (if I could just see it!).”

“Crushing riffs and woodsman growls, but there are also some softer, spaced-out moments. But don't think Doyle has gone all easy-listening. For a dude in his 40s, he rages harder than most half his age. Be forewarned: You might walk away feeling ashamed that you did so little with your life.”

“Well, thankfully he’s got a new project that’s been making waves in Seattle. While no mere TAD retread, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth should seem simultaneously and comfortably familiar to Doyle’s fans even as it delves deeper into doom/sludge metal.”

“Seattle band Brothers of the Sonic Cloth -- the latest project from Tad Doyle of Tad -- sounds priestly, and the astral musical communion it offers is both deeply spiritual sounding and perhaps death rattle bone shaking at the same time.”