DeadBeat - Boston, MA / Press

““There was nothing about it that I didn’t like. A lot. What most impressed me is that each player captures that, real as it is indefinable, slice of the vibe and general sensibility of the great players being emulated. I really enjoyed Jack S. There was a looseness and un-polished aspect to the performance that captured really well that ability the Dead had to be musically nonchalant, in a brilliant way. And the strat tone was great throughout and impeccable at times. Well done.””

“Deadbeat, a Grateful Dead cover band from Boston, keeps tradition alive with their own interpretations of Jerry Garcia and the Dead's most popular work. Merging each decade, style and reincarnation of the Grateful Dead's music with their own thirst for fun, Deadbeat has been fortunate to find a combination of members each bringing their own dynamic of the Dead to the band. Whether reliving the past, or discovering the past and keeping it alive for the future, those who have gone to see Deadbeat perform notice most of all that this group of six are not, will not, and have never been tired of bringing us the best of the Dead.”