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Borracho / Press

“From the first couple of notes of wah-whipped goodness to the taut fills and patterns on the snare that give the low-end and guitars a direction to follow (whether it be a traditional stoner riff or a down-tempo doom churl all sauced up on Orange Amps), there’s a heightened sense of intensity and cohesion to the work here… As good as side A is, I think I like the B side even better… “Short Ride (When it’s Over)” is the crossroads where brawny biker doom riffs full of low-end distortion and Sabbath-y swagger intersect with a real anthem of a chorus that’s not far removed from Roadsaw’s attentive eye to 6-string, punk-leaned melody and solid vocal hooks. It’s simple, effective, and it’ll beat your ass; all good qualities to have in a riff fronted, rock song for damn sure.”

“Mob Gathering 7″ isn’t a far stray from Splitting Sky’s sound. In fact, You might be able to consider these B sides. B sides or not, this is some music that you need. As I’m sitting here spinning the 7″, I can’t help but think of how good these songs sound. It’s hard to tell that they’re from an earlier time in the band’s career… “Mob Gathering” has the band’s signature sound right from the get go. It’s not so doomy, just really heavy hard rock with some awesome guitar licks and a hint of heavy metal. “Short Ride (When It’s Over)” picks up the tempo a bit but is still heavy as fuck.”

“Highlighted in an article titled “If You Only Buy 24 Records Between Now and May 1…” Mob Gathering is in good company, alongside new releases by Orange Goblin, Clutch, Kvelertak, Black Pyramid, Uncle Acid, and many more. Dig it: “The new Mob Gathering 7″ from Borracho is welcome by me for two reasons: I’ve never heard the songs before and Borracho rocks… so if you need aBorracho fix — and it’s obvious from the way your hands are shaking that you do — this might be the way to go.””

“Borracho blazed up from the District to bring the thickening crowd a taste of their psychelicious swamp-sexy blues thud. The buzz word for the next 40 minutes was Groove (and “buzz,” I suppose). After the set, one of the dudes confessed a concern about such a laidback sound following the last couple bands: “You can’t make love to that stuff!” The vox were cool but unnecessary; kickin’ it to that sweet melodic riffitude was all the audience could have wanted.”

“There aren’t many bands that can captivate and enthrall an audience without the need for a vocalist… Whatever the inspiration, I’m glad the band has gone in this direction, because their infectious groove, heavy riffs and sheer fucking talent are truly a sight to behold”

“They once again let the riffs do the vast majority of the talking, though vocals showed up in what would otherwise be the backing lines toward the end of “All in Play” and in “Concentric Circles,” which remains viciously catchy no matter who’s fronting it.”

“On Splitting Sky - Borracho brings it on this 2011 release recalling a Halfway to Gone/Clutch hybrid that flat out rocks. - Plus Recipe for Moo Shu Pork With Spicy Plum Sauce and review of Southern Tier Imperial Gemini Unfiltered Ale”

“The song itself is like a massive lava flow that eventually gets your ass moving in a hurry, and the wonderful video captures the feel of the song beautifully. Richard Bomgren’s feel for the song comes through both in the film he chose to accompany the music and in the way he edited it, linking to the pacing and the mood extremely well. It’s beautiful and violent . . . and epic.”

“Not something I usually recommend, but you might want to go full-screen on this one. The brand new video for Washington D.C. heavy rockers Borracho‘s “All in Play”...(plays) long and short cuts of breathtaking HD nature footage off each other in time to the music of the eight-plus-minute song... if you haven’t had the chance to check out the band, kick back and enjoy the perfect opportunity to get to know them and see the lava flows and the craters that so perfectly complement their work.”

“You can have a shitload of fun with this video even without a shitload of beer, because the song is irresistible. It’s a high-energy, heavy-assed, rifftastic blast of stoner/doom that will brighten your day and give you a natural buzz.”

“Reg's Top 20 Albums of 2011 #4: Borracho, Splitting Sky. Every time I get done listening I immediately hit repeat and will probably continue to do so until their next release.”

“Toby's Top 10 of 2011 #7: Borracho stormed onto the scene this year and made an immediate impact with their debut LP. Combining stoner rock grooves, doom metal riffs and classic guitar licks, oftentimes all in the span of the same song, this album was definitely one of a kind.”

“Top 40 of 2011 #14: Borracho, Splitting Sky”

“Heddbuzz's Top Albums of 2011 #4: Borracho, Splitting Sky”

“Top albums of 2011 #8: Borracho, Splitting Sky”

“Borracho has mastered the delivery of an infectious hook. "Splitting Sky" is bursting with catchy riffs and skilled playing.”

“...the group is celebrating the release of its debut, Splitting Sky, an album that showcases the quartet's infectious riffs and howling vocals.”

“Top 20 of 2011 #7: Borracho, Splitting Sky. An awesome debut album that has been talked about highly since it’s release earlier in the year. It’s long at 57 minutes long but it sucks you in and makes you forget about time.”

“But nothing compared to the band's closing number, the epic "Grab the Reins"... The finale easily spanned a quarter of the band's overall set time and showcased their uncommon ability for laying down complex grooves that meander in and out of stoner, doom and classic rock territory all within the span of the same song. This is their signature…this is their knack.”

“This album is an epic, earsplitting fuzz-fest and it’s certainly in my top 5 releases of 2011 so far. It might even be my #1. We’ll see… Borracho and Splitting Sky are looming large above the current landscape and distant horizon of stoner rock, in my opinion. Others may want to seek shelter. Torrents of powerful vocals and illustrious lyrics pour down while thick bluesy riffs, waves of booming bass and thunderous drums merge to form a massive musical supercell. Get the picture? Splitting Sky is a friggin’ F-5, people. It’s an 8-song rock typhoon that will flood your senses and knock you on your ass.”

“Borracho bring something of their own to staple riffy groove that’s only going to serve them well going forward, and if their recent performances with Truckfighters in NYC and at the Stoner Hands Of Doom XI fest in Maryland are anything to judge by, they have the potential to leave a real stamp on the heavy rock underground. Songs help, and if Splitting Sky has anything, it has songs. From the memorable choruses of “Never Get It Right” and “Grab The Reins” to the tight execution of “Concentric Circles,” Borracho show there’s more to quality rock than cool riffs and solos—but of course there are those too.”

“Of all the debuts I’ve heard and reviewed this year, Borracho‘s may have left the strongest and most lasting impression… By combining Clutch-style riffy groove with just a touch of dirt-rock grit and burl into solid rhythms and topping it with truly killer lead work from guitarist Steve Fisher, Borracho have crafted a sound that’s like a nod to rock heads, as though, while they’re standing in front of you playing, they’re going, ‘Check out this shit I came up with. It rules.’ (From Six Dumb Questions interview intro)”

“I make it short -BETTER THAN CLUTCH! Blasphemous? No, it is the truth.”

“Like any good dealer Borracho have lured you in with a couple of freebies and now it’s time to pay… you’d be forgiven for thinking this may be another in a long line of Small Stone releases!!!… Definitely one to check out though if you like your riffs big and your moonshine lethal!!!”

“Borracho with this debut has become one of the highlights in the stoner rock / metal scene in '11. "Splitting Sky" is a powerful album, which brings to mind passages that remember Kyuss and Down, but that set them apart by presenting the band with their own sound without being tied to cliches of the style. Undoubtedly, this is already on my list of favorite albums of 2011..." (translated)”

““Besides the dynamic artwork of “Splitting Sky” and the well-served package which combines monstrous doses of groove, Stoner guitar riffs and badass drumming, BORRACHO prove to the maximum that they have got plenty of ideas, well-played themes and most of all, skills, able to be compared to the first-builders FU MANCHU or NEBULA for example…The final question is: ‘are BORRACHO able to split the sky in two?’ Well, I think they just did it. 8/10″”

““irresistible stoner boogie filtered through a loud ass production, and sludge-y riffs/tones…The rhythms are taut, a literal wall of sound fronted by manic, fill intensive drumming, and perfectly audible bass lines that elbow their way through the sea of deafening guitar riffs…lightly Sabbath spiced, fricasseed in Skynyrd gravy, a garnish of Clutch parsley on the side, and some Earthride/Backwoods Payback chunks added for that girthiness that signifies a complete musical dish.””

““Splitting Sky shows marked promise from Borracho… The album has received high praise from reviews and listeners alike, and earns every bit of it… Splitting Sky assures this won’t be the last we hear from Borracho, and with the depths of groove these guys can plunder when they get going, that’s just fine by me.””

““BORRACHO play a groovy fuzzed up hybrid of Stoner/Doom Metal. These guys worship at the Church of Almighty Stoner/Doom greatness where the riff is king. The guys have just released their superb new album “Splitting Sky”. This is hands-down the Stoner Metal Album release of 2011…. You want fuzzed drenched Stoner Metal Guitar Riffs, Sublime Stoner/Doom Metal Vocals and badass drumming. Well look no further than Splitting Sky.This album is going to be a classic of the genre. No question about it.””

“Borracho has put a lot of work into getting their songs to sound just right and it shows, from the song writing to the production they’ve done a great job here....along with bands like Pentagram, King Giant, and (the now defunct) Salome, they’re helping to remind everyone that this area is still a city for excellent heavy stoner and doom.”

“Borracho has come up with one hell of a début, and if this first effort is any indication, they are destined to bring us more infectious grooves and recognizably original pieces in the future…For now, suffice to say that “Splitting Sky” gets a 9/10 from me.”

“Borracho is about to unleash a beast of an album that is almost guaranteed to take the stoner rock world by storm...Splitting Sky is an instant classic.”

““The sound is pure, slaying, riff rock in the spirit of Clutch, Fu Manchu, Orange Goblin (or as our own Fra said, Mendozza) or more genrally just perfect, destructive, groovy Megaton Riff Rock, with gruff, testicle dripping voclas, bass/ drums that pund your skull into the floor, alcohol fueled melodies and guitars the size of an angry giant gorilla. As they say: groovy, heavy, epic.””

“I love it when you’re expecting something and you have high hopes for it. You finally receive what it is you’re looking for and it totally blows away your expectations. Yeah, Borracho’s debut Splitting Sky is like that...this is a MUST LISTEN album and it’s so fucking good, it will end up on many best of 2011 lists.”

“What you get with Washington, DC area band Borracho is a killer hybrid of classic hard rock, stoner rock grooves mixed with a touch of doom. Think Aerosmith in a fist fight with Solarized in a back alley. This band knows how to rock!”

“Thick, hard rock immediately comes our way when this twin-guitar four-piece kicks it in. It's heavy with some metal, a bit of stoner rock, and when they add a little pace, they kind of head into Kyuss territory which I enjoy...A good opening tonight.”

“Guitarist/vocalist Steve Fisher of Washington, D.C.-based riff rockers Borracho cuts an imposing figure on stage. There are just these moments where he looks like he wants to jump off the stage and punch everyone in the face. It’s intense — especially since Borracho‘s music, thick though it is, is so welcoming in its grooving mentality, based around his riffs and the right-on chemistry shared between him, bassist Tim Martin and drummer Mario Trubiano. It’s not a contradiction, necessarily, or an inconsistency, but as he tilts his head back to sing up into the mic Motörhead-style, he certainly leaves an impression. -- From interview with Steve”

“Borracho deliver all the standard stoner rock/metal trappings, but their songwriting makes them stand out. The songs are lengthy, but extremely catchy. Even though there aren't any vocals on the opening track "Empty" until 5 minutes in, the memorable riffage will have already sucked you in. There's a lot of variation in tempo, Fisher's vocals are more than adequate, and the songs burrow into your brain. Before you know it, 35 minutes have elapsed, the album is over, and you are jonesing to hit repeat.”

““…taken as a whole, these five songs combine to form an album that will transport you through a series of musical twists, turns, peaks and valleys all while paying tribute to the most important aspect of the genre…the almighty riff.””

“For lovers of Kyuss, Clutch and the like, Borracho's Oculus offers fat, fuzzed out riffs for you to bob along to... It's a brief yet solid album and while there are no real surprises, if you like a bit of fat, fuzzy stoner rock then you should probably get into Oculus.”

“Oculus es una obra mucho más densa y espesa, así que la conclusión es simple: o aceptas cargar con la losa o te vas a jugar a otro juego.”

“A year and a half after making just about everybody’s best of list for the year’s end of 2011, Washington, DC’s Borracho have victoriously returned with their second full-length release.”

“The sound is a little darker and a little sludgier this time around, while still maintaining their trademark groove throughout… A great EP from a great band. We’re hoping for big things for these guys. They are one of the hardest working bands we know, as they have toured this year with some of the genre’s best artists and have developed a great well deserved following.”

“It's heavy doom metal infused with some heavy riffs that would make Tony Iommi blush. Insert a dash of classic rock into the mix and you have yourself an instant classic... Splitting Sky is an album that I'm proud to say gets more play time from me over any album the Black Sabbath ever recorded. Yes, more than Paranoid or Master of Reality.”

“The D.C.-based trio had been out the weekend before for a set of four gigs with Lo-Pan, so I expected they’d be pretty tight and they did not disappoint… Borracho had enough time to pack in maximum riffage and give anyone there who’d never seen them before a good idea of where they were coming from as a three-piece.”

“If you close your eyes and listen to this DC band’s heavy boogie rock you’d likely picture each performer playing with cigarettes dangling haphazardly from their lips, two inches of ash burning closer to the filter as they jam with both immediacy and a casual sense of cool… This power trio played with a sneer and filled the room with fuzzed-out biker riffs so heavy they felt tangible.”

“What Fisher, Martin and Trubiano have proven with their second outing is that not only can they survive as a three-piece, but that they can flourish and continue to grow as a band… Borracho‘s work on Oculus stands as one of the year’s best heavy rock records.”

“Although Lo-Pan is a tough act to follow, I had every bit of confidence that this area trio would be up to the challenge. And they were. They were muscular throughout yet often could lock into a deep groove… This was about as well executed as a night you would want with everything connecting on all levels.”

“Borracho have created another masterpiece here. That is two out of two. A sign of a very great band indeed.”

“There’s nothing sloppy or disheveled about this heavy three-piece outfit. They indulge in drawn out hard rock with gruff riffs and a tinge of psychedelia, which explains the length of some of their tracks. Don’t let the Mob Gathering 7″ fool you, Borracho can easily go on for eight to ten minutes without simply repeating a three minute idea.”

“Hey stoners: D.C. sludge-rock band Borracho released its latest EP, Oculus, today, and you should listen to it, because it’s pretty awesome in the same way Fu Manchu‘s In Search Of is forever awesome.”

“Oculus knocks it out of the park. Far after listening to this album I found myself humming the tunes to myself. Borracho’s lineup is tight – it’s not easy to create so full a sound with a three-piece band… Oculus goes deep in many ways, particularly in trying to mature and change the sound of a band that’s been around for about 6 years.”

“Oculus is one of those records that are here for one thing: to make you go wild. Especially after a few drinks, and then have another few. Thereafter a few more Borracho songs, and then more booze. You want to have about as much as you can handle, and then some. Borracho go, and go hard.”