Born Under Burden / Press

““Battlehymn of the Beaten Down” starts off with the bass heavy track, provided by James Gates, “Protest/Profess” that has Dan Favor’s vocals going back and forth between melody and pure viciousness. “Empty Lesions” is one of my favorite tracks with a great guitar lead from Aaron Crick and continues on in a slow, melancholy pattern with a haunting rhythm and behind it. You definitely want to check “Battlehymn for the Beaten Down”, it’s aggressive metal but complex enough to capture your attention and keep you wanting more!”

“Born Under Burden had a strong, kind of under-the-radar run around Greater Lafayette. The band started gaining momentum in 2004 and was a go-to act for hard rock and metal shows for the next several years. Born Under Burden's time off could bring extra volume and metal fury from these Clinton County musicians.”