“Since Born of Scars is carving out a niche for themselves that is, all too often, left alone, there cannot possible be a glass ceiling for them. Incredible, emotionally driven song writing played by such a talented group of musicians leaves absolutely nothing not to like for an uncommonly wide swathe of fans. Given some solid backing to fully promote their brand, Born of Scars has star power to spare. This may just be some of the most beautiful Hard Rock available. Honestly gorgeous music!”

"all together making BORN OF SCARS a highly recommended band. This band could easily secure a major label deal if someone wakes up and learns about them. Personally I think it’s only a matter of time before some record label discovers these guys and girl. If I had the money I would personally sign them in a flash,"

"Overall, Born of Scars' album project is not one to be taken lightly. This band and their music are the cream of the crop and I can't say enough good about them. I'd recommend everyone take a listen to these guys because they freaking rock!"

“They could well become the next big band, due to their impressive rock sound and their professional approach. BORN OF SCARS is destined to reach a greater audience if they just have that lucky break.”

“this band just writes solid tunes that are catchy. The 7 tunes I got on this disc were all good to great tunes. The production is solid and I think for the most part the band have their own sound. I could easily see this band getting signed to a label and selling some serious units. Good stuff and not many bands doing this style and glad to see this wasn’t some FM garbage modern rock band.”

“After the theatrical "Gone with Innocence" we get to the closure with "Vultures", and I get spine thrills, so it means the tight drums and refined guitar plot alternated with the twisted refrain have hit the nail on the head!”

"This is a band with bags of promise, an ear for a catchy melody and the ability to make songs that are smart and well crafted"

"Matt will be featuring tracks from the group's latest cd - "Minor to Major" and getting the low-down on why this wickedly awesome band is causing quite a stir in hard rock circles!"

“The band shows off an incredible stage presence,”

"Heck, maybe they're on to something new."

“Born of Scars has been featured on the following: Max Metal Keep it Metal Playgroundz.net The Radio J Show Metal Mayhem WVOX The Cox Radio Show Indiemusic.com ”

“Born of Scars nominated for Indie-Music.com's top 25 of 2010!”

“Born of Scars has been featured on: MAX METAL, Keep it Metal, The Radio J Show, Cox Music, and WVOX in the past month!”

“Band of the month! The best band I've seen around the New York City / Long Island area is Born of Scars. They are a female fronted four piece unit with a driving sound. I've had the pleasure of seeing them a few times and every time I do I'm amazed to see how the audience is completely enthralled by the band. You really should check them out.”