Born In Winter / Press

"Wasted Life" is flat out awesomeness wrapped in a twisted metal box.

"It is easy to come away impressed with Born in Winter. There is a ton of depth, character and potential to be had on "Dreaming In Seasons"."

"This is Born In Winter (BIW), a cold blooded, metal thrashing good time. This co-ed Colorado band of rockers are some of the most skilled musicians I've heard from an indie band in recent times. I can't believe these guys aren't signed to a major label deal."

“Born in Winter is one of those rare local bands who’s sound is so good, their live game even better.”

Nudge Savage - The Savage Side

"Dreaming in Seasons is one of the year’s best releases from an unsigned act"

"Born In Winter is like Evanescence in a knife fight with In Flames and you never know who is gonna win!"

Music Buzz Magazine